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Ryuji Somehow reminds me of harima.. they are both looks like delinquent.. but they actually are sweet and kind.. they also have problems to confess their love to the person they like :P
report Recommended by yumiche
Misunderstood Delinquent like lead male characters, awesome comedy and great female characters with tons of misunderstandings and comedy. Toradora is a bit more complete then school rumble, but school rumbles cast is more enjoyable then Toradoras in my opinion. Both are great Comedy/romances.
report Recommended by Alderban
If you're looking for a great romantic comedy, look no further. School Rumble does well in blending slapstick humor and slice-of-life with a bit of romance. Both titles are similar in that they are driven by their characters and how they develop over the course a school year, and it's really easy to connect to the characters. Be wary that SR may not offer as conclusive an ending as Toradora; even so, it's well worth the ride! 9/10
report Recommended by jabberwock999
Both shows are about the problems of school kids confessing their love to someone. In both of them, one of the main characters is a feared delinquent though too shy to confess and express his/her feelings. The initial situation soon developes into a more complicated network of who's in love with who.
report Recommended by MikeOnHighway61
Both are romantic love comedies about involving characters. However, I'll freely admit that Toradora is definitely better than School Rumble. There's a good reason for that though, School Rumble manga went on for 250+ chapters, so the anime finished with a big "to be continued" at the end. The story follows many interesting little matches, revolving around Harima Kenji (One of the greatest characters anime has ever seen, for other reasons than what are considered standards) and Tsukamoto Tenma. I should mention both the first and second season ended with a big "to be continued." They decided to animate the end of school rumble as a   read more
report Recommended by Marquis_D_Luffy
Both anime take place in a high school setting. The male protagonists from both series start from episode 1 with a well-known reputation at school as a mean delinquent among their classmates. It takes a few episodes before their classmates begin warming up to them. Typical stuff found in other high school anime are also present such as cool teachers, swimsuit fanservice, and school festivals. Not typically found in school life/romantic-comedy anime, are fight scenes. The short fight scenes are scattered throughout each series in order to advance the plot. However, the main draw to these series are their comedy and romantic bits. Both series find the   read more
report Recommended by dragnx
They have the exact same sort of situation, setup, and plot - at least initially. Toradora has better art and School Rumble has way more jokes, so bear that in mind.
report Recommended by robfoster
More than one love triagle, have a tsundere character, a rich girl character, are both funny romfoms except Toradora gets serious at times while school rumble stays silly.
report Recommended by melancholylover
They are both romance comedies in a school setting. School Rumble seemed to have more comedy while Toradora was a bit more serious. But they are both hilarious! The love triangles were very similar in each show, and the main character Harima and Ryuuji seemed very similar to me.
report Recommended by T_LOWE
School comedy with very similar character set: Scary looking but gentle inside main character (Harima/Takasu) in love with lightheaded (Tenma/Minori) but he has to spend much time with tsundere (Eri/Taiga). And there is strange Karasuma/Kitamura guy.
report Recommended by meownet
Same kind of school love comedy tinged with feely moments. Both are full of epic misunderstandings between people failing to confess their love. Toradora has a bit more sad moments while School Rumble is more focused on comedy.
report Recommended by Feupy
Both animes are high school romantic comedies that are written very well. Love triangles turn into love rectangles and pentagons, making the relationships between characters very complicated and hysterical.
report Recommended by Phantom_Zach
Super generic characters. Takasu/Harima : They look like a deliquents but really sweet and kindinside. Minori/Tenma : Both light-headed and weird. The MC's first love interest. Taiga/Eri : Tsunderes who spent most of their time with the MC. Kitamura/Karasuma : Weird and strange guy. Both have the same problems of confessing to someone they like.
report Recommended by WannaNeko
- Complicated love comedy stories, about the problems of confessing their love to someone - Both anime take place in a high school setting - Both have tons of misunderstandings - School Rumble are into a lot of comedy while Toradora focus on serious story
report Recommended by NotAHuman_
Both are school based romantic comedies. Although in Toradora the romantic side is more explored. But in the core both are anime that highlight love life of students with a bit of comedy sprinkled in.
report Recommended by Faysal888
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