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Nanatsu no Taizai
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Nanatsu no Taizai
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Both main female characters are looking for super strong guys, who are both perverted. And both main guys turn out to be much stronger than the girls expected, and have some crazy weapons.
report Recommended by Dark_Angel_Fears
Fantasy, legendary historic icons, girl looking for them, mc has dark past, wait a minute, is plunderer a resin of Nanatsu. Ah well, if you liked Nanatsu and it's format, plunderer is basically the same thing (so far) and both shoes are good (that was bias ‹.‹ )
report Recommended by Kras--
Both set in a fantasy world, with an overly strong and perverted main protagonist, with also some similarities in how the plot proceeds
report Recommended by Euphemius
-Both have lots of fanservice -Both have some sort of extreme fantasy component -Both have SUPER busty girls -Both have some perverted characters
report Recommended by florence_uwu
Both has a girl searching for a legendary member of an legendary group which is actually perverted guy in both cases. Hina and Litch are kindda similar to Meliodas and Elizabeth .
report Recommended by A11_1n
Both shows have a deep plot, that unveils bit by bit. At first while watching the plunderer, we just know that the main girl protagonist is looking for help, but as it goes on we learn more about the secret of the society and the numbers. In the seven deadly sins, the main girl protagonist is also looking for help and from there we slowly learn more should Meliodas and the secrets of the seven deadly sins. Both these anime are something I would highly recommend, as they are interesting. If you like one I think you’ll like the other as they are both fascinating in different   read more
report Recommended by shekioc