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In both cases the main character becomes a child after get involved with a criminal act. Then, he has to discover the reason behind with help of their "new" friends, hiding the true of himself and what he really knows.
report Recommended by DJackerick
Lots of ERASEDs "main features" are very similar to Detective Conans. The story in both of the series are very similar but just presented in different ways. If you like one of these two series, I recomend you to watch the other aswell!
report Recommended by Gon_Freecss
Adult in a child's body solving crimes. Aside from that they are very different. The case in Erased is very dark though, much like the earlier Conan cases before people decided brutal gorey murders aren't suitable for a prime-time children's TV show.
report Recommended by Lemon
Both shows involve an adult who is trapped in a kid's body, searching for a criminal/murderer while still attempting to lead a normal life. The major difference is that BokuMachi involves time travel while Conan does not.
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
The main character becomes a child but his mind is still that of a young adult. In this scenario, the main character has to solve mysteries.
report Recommended by Dan-Te
In each show, the protagonist becomes little/young again. Both try to protect people who are close to them from the bad (In Conan: Organization).
report Recommended by lukii
There is a few things that are surprisingly alike in these two anime. 1.) Conan and Satoru both are 'stuck' in a younger body, and it can be assumed Satoru will eventually have to deal with the same problems getting adults to listen to him when he needs something done, or needs to look into something. 2.) Conan and Satoru are both attempting to puzzle out their situations. Conan being a detective, and Satoru needing to puzzle out, like a detective, what happened to his mother and the people around him and find out who did these horrible things.
report Recommended by OhhPlease
Mystery and suspense. What happens in the short 12 episodes in erased occur throughout in dc
report Recommended by LightningNemesis
- In both anime the main character becomes a child and has to hide it - Both cointain mysteries (Detective Conan takes a more episodic aproach while Erased is a single case) - Both have a romantic subplot with the main guy and girl
report Recommended by GreatestSaltboy
in both anime the protagonists are forced to turn into kids and live again a childhood life while making sure noone understands who they really are and they also have to solve the mystrery that will allow them to turn back to their normal life for shinichi to capture the black organisation that forced him to take the medicane that turned him into and satoru to find who is the criminal from 18 years ago
report Recommended by Mysterygirl_
Both shows are based on mystery. In Conan, each episode is self-contained and allows the viewer to see one case a day, while Erased is a very enjoyable single 12-episode investigative thriller. They are very similar because they share the same genre (even if there is a bit of science fiction in one) and in both the protagonist finds himself returning as a child in spite of himself.
report Recommended by DeltaLight
They are very similar, as both heroes return to their childhoods in search of the truth and for the sake of solving puzzles and deciphering the mystery, and both anime play with your brain out of excitement and enthusiasm, and I advise both of them.
report Recommended by Ra_co464
Detective conan and boku dake ga inai machi are very similar, as both heroes return to their childhoods in search of the truth and in order to solve puzzles and decipher the mystery, and both anime play with your brain out of excitement and enthusiasm, and I advise both of them
report Recommended by SH_928_RN
Both series have a main character whose body is reversed and lives in a child's body, who solves murder mysteries to try to save people.
report Recommended by lisaisawesome
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