Zankyou no Terror, Kiznaiver Recommendations

Zankyou no Terror
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Zankyou no Terror
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-Both have flashbacks -Same sorta art style -Love both of them
report Recommended by Tyler_
Both shows feature children who were involved in some sort of experiments. Similar opening songs too
report Recommended by Toothie
+ Both are short, fast-paced anime, that will keep you hooked. + Gorgeous animation, catchy soundtrack and great directing. + Misfits of society connect with one another. + Revolves around experiments on children for a particular purpose. + Focuses on mysterious government secrets. - Kiznaiver is more colorful and fun at times. - Terror in Resonance is more realistic and dark.
report Recommended by JunoLawliet
when I watched this I automatically thought of Zankyou no terror. The Same base in kids being part of an experiment and it going wrong, both have characters that are loveable , Kiznaiver is prettier than Zankyou no Terror, and Zankyou no terror has a rather "fuck you" ending. If you liked Kiznaiver I really do recommend this.
report Recommended by OldSeaweedBrain
Both anime talk about "experimental children"
report Recommended by _Aru01_
Both have : • Children being used as guinea pigs while still young, then breaking free; • The same artstyle; • Terrorism, although there's way more of it in Terror in Resonance than in Kiznaiver.
report Recommended by yowtfman
it isn't exactly the same as Zankyou no terror, but if you're searching for the same feeling, you're at the right place
report Recommended by RIP-VON