FLCL, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Recommendations

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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Both shows have a whole lot of wtf going on. They both have a high random factor and deal with aliens, angels, spoofs of other shows and a whole lot more.
report Recommended by makimagic
Both of them are full of crazy madness, maded by Gainax. Same cool driving music, awesome characters, same sense of humor. And also they about teenagers life.
report Recommended by LexLeogryfon
It's simple...Both of them are pure GAINAX animes!!!A full package of humour,endless entartaintment,quality music and non-stop action...Banzai GAINAX!!!
report Recommended by NoIsIA
Both are incredibly random.
report Recommended by oijgahkrthnkndc
both includes insane scenes and battles with demons. and of course with a very weird weapons.
report Recommended by Kanorin
If I should choose which anime is similar to Panty and Stocking, I would say Furi Kuri (FLCL). The first minutes, hours & episodes that shout: "WTF is going on?" And you love it. At least you have something for comedy, sex, black humor, a little bit drama & action in a fast rotating circle. They also press their stories in short pieces and they are still doing it great. Maybe you don't get the whole story as in P&SwG but sooner or later you'll take all the characters into your heart.
report Recommended by AUTAKU
Both shows have very random humor. Both deal with concepts of aliens, hell, and robots. They also both have very crazy, over the top fight scenes, and catchy music. Finally, both shows are Gainax productions.
report Recommended by Xybirk
Both are absolutely hilarious, ridiculous, and best of all, nonsensical.
report Recommended by teddybeddybye
If i had to decide on just one anime that was similar to FLCL i would definitely say Panty & Stocking. It's not that these two are overly similar in story or possibly even genre, cause there not, but the kind of comedy and how the characters acted in FLCL i found very similar in panty and stocking. And I enjoyed that both were rather short series, short and sweet as they say.
report Recommended by R_Gracie
Both are crazy action comedies. Sometimes you wouldn´t even know what is going on and it´s trippy but enjoyable ride. Both have similar animation and both were made by Gainax.
report Recommended by abystoma2
People complain about FLCL because it's too random. Those people have not seen PSG. - Shit monster - The ghosts of all the sperm cells that have been wiped up by tissues - A "Saving Private Ryan" homage... but with semen - Demon with breats that shoot cream - Food-based demonic indecency - A quest to destroy all copies of a sex tape involving a protagonist and Johnny Bravo - Zombies being fought off with sex toys - Tons of swearing deliberately in Engrish Y'know, all the usual stuff. Panty and Stocking with is the first anime series I ever watched all the way through. It's an amazing self-aware comedy that satirizes anime and animation   read more
report Recommended by Dinna