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Fantastical allegories for male adolescence. These hilarious action series ponder the eternal question: What does it take to be cool and mature? As the protagonist encounters various authority figures, the story explores various possible answers through increasingly crazy battles. The main difference is that FLCL leaves the interpretation up to the audience. Mob Psycho 100 is very straightforward in its delivery.
report Recommended by kasarn
If you are looking for extremely expressive animation and bizarre story these are the shows for you. Animation in these shows is extremely good and it's followed by exciting music, although Mob relays on instrumental while FLCL uses music by band called The Pillows. Although both stories are mostly weird Mob Psycho 100 is easier to understand and follow.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
In both, its strong point is its incredible animation with its great and original variety of styles. Crazy battles accompanied by a great soundtrack and well built and developed characters which bring a touch of seriousness to their works.
report Recommended by _Spiki_
Both are coming of age stories about young men with exceptional abilities kind of. One is more about nostalgia while the other is more about growing up.
report Recommended by Uvemvane99
FLCL and Mob Psycho 100 are both wacky coming of age stories involving a middle schooler finding himself in weird supernatural situations. While Mob Psycho 100 is less weird, it still has it’s moments, but is overall much more grounded compared to the insane FLCL. Fans will want to check out the other, hopefully!
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
both are focused around the insane visuals and the wonderfully weird characters and world
report Recommended by PizzaHut69