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FLCL And Kekkai Sensen have unexpectedly a lot in common. A young male protagonist who finds himself in bizarre circumstances with no control over the situation, quirky characters, strange things happening one after another, intense battles and slick animation, rowdy humor and insane amounts of collateral damage that everyone seems to forget about by the next episode. FLCL is a more tightly, condensed show that focuses primarily on the protagonist's growth, while Kekkai Sensen is more plot focused and less psychological. If you like the story telling and battle elements in one you'll find the other very familiar.
report Recommended by noirgrimoir
Have you been waiting to see a show where literally anything can happen? A show that can entertain and amuse in the strangest of ways? Kekkai Sensen is 2015's FLCL.
report Recommended by BoyHime732
The first episode of Kekkai Sensen really gave me an FLCL vibe when I first watched it. As I continued to watch it the show gave me even more and more of an FLCL vibe to the point where I had to come write this recommendation. Both shows are about seemingly normal boys with crazy ridiculous things going on around them. They both ended up in their life changing positions out of chance and they both have a strange alteration that neither of them asked for. Hell they even look the same with both wearing pull over sweatshirts, baggy clothes, and messy brown hair. Along with the   read more
report Recommended by Atmostphear
Both contain random ass shit, but FLCL actually follows a line and is way better. If you liked the animation for kekkai sensen then you will love FLCLs
report Recommended by spike12ify
The main character is a fairly ordinary boy thrown into super crazy shit going on all around him. Rule of Cool plays a huge factor, with cool things popping up without much explanation. The directing is super dynamic and crazy, the soundtrack is awesome and fits the settings well (uses rock and roll), and it's just a super fun time.
report Recommended by SadSceneryBoi
Both are crazy and unpredictable. Both have a young main character who is dragged into a crazy lifestyle. Both have great battle animation. The soundtrack in both anime is pretty good and unusual.
report Recommended by Yabetil