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Surely both series do share a big part together which is the alchemy. Alchemy and all its related things: immortal beings, legends, immortality elisir/philosophical stone and so on. Both stories evolve around the same epoch (first years of 1900) and share amazing main characters. Even if, the style to tell the stories is very different, they both still share a very good music theme as well. If you enjoyed one I'm sure you'll like the other too! I can definitely affirm that both of them are masterpieces.
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both deal with immortality, an all-cure elixir, and alchemy. Both are great anime with unique and wonderful characters, great animation, very well done fights, and violence & blood scenes. The first thing that comes to my mind when I watch Baccano! is FMA brotherhood. ;)
report Recommended by Skyclad-Observer
Both involve people using alchemy in order to perpetuate their existence, as well as having some crazy stuff thrown in.
report Recommended by robfoster
Baccano is more similar to FMAB then any other anime, whenever I watch it I think of FMAB, D. Gray man might have one or two aspects but baccano has dozens of aspects that are similar to FMAB, if you like FMAB you will like baccano, it is stupid that people say you will like Blue Exorcist if you liked FMAB just cause both the main characters have brothers. That doesn't mean it is similar! just one little thing that won't affect your liking of a series! Baccano is a must watch if you if you like FMAB.
report Recommended by VongolaXEspada
I found them similar because both of them have things about alchemy, but Baccano is a bit more mature and has some gore in it.
report Recommended by SHLxx
If you liked the whole mystery and conspiracy feeling in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, than you will like Baccano! Also, both anime have beautiful fight scenes with lots of blood, and extremely badass characters which add a massive amount of excitement to the show. Not to mention both have alchemists, immortals, homunculi, and are based around the same time era of the 1930s. So if you liked one of these anime, I highly recommend trying the other.
report Recommended by Sabamet
Τhey are both about alchemy ,they both have a huge amount of great characters and great production values too . For a first eye they dont look alike but if you think it a bit they have many things in common
report Recommended by Madvillain_21
Large cast of likable characters plus alchemy. Plus both have hilarious comic relief seamlessly woven in-between the serious scenes.
report Recommended by Polyphemus
Both animes share a big part which is alchemy: immortality, legends, elixirs etc. Both of them have amazing characters(main and supporting), a stunning plot/story and of course, spectacular animation/soundtracks. Each and every episode is a huge mystery and it's impossible for you to stop watching. Finally, these two series are some of the masterpieces Japan has to offer.
report Recommended by LegendCero
both series deals with the concept of alchemy and immortality. both series are extremely epic.
report Recommended by ajames123
If you're interested in alchemy or homunculi these are both must watch anime. If you liked one chances are you'll enjoy the other as well although they are quite different in a lot of aspects.
report Recommended by Lytework
Similarities: - Both deal with immortality - Baccano has alchemy in it also - Homunculus exists for both - Mystery element - Alot of work with the plot - Violence - has comedic moments and serious moments Differences: - Baccano story is scrambled - Full Metal story is more straight foward in terms of plot - Characters are pretty different, no similar ones
report Recommended by CoorsLight
There's a reason why FMA:B and Baccono! are my two favorite series. I'm a sucker for a good story and it is done so so well with both of them. How? Well: -Continuity! Every plot point is relevant, characters are not thrown away, and there are no ass-pulls. The plot is well thought out, with tons of twists and turns that are surprising, yet understandable when you look back on the clues. -Alchemy also plays an important role in Baccano! with an event in the 1700's acting as a catalyst to the main story. Not gunna say more cuz spoilers. -Both involve weird immortality. -BADASS characters. -Brings up interesting philosophical   read more
report Recommended by CIAneko
These two series share a fundamental element in their plot that is: Alchemy. Other than that, they both have an excellent cast of characters that makes them entertaining and memorable.
report Recommended by RealElkin
I'm aware that many others have recommended these as a pair, but they really do fit well together. Both are very character driven stories (with a BUNCH of characters) that also have amazing plots. Not only that, but both also have alchemy involved. These two shows are both phenomenally interwoven to create great stories surrounding great characters. The real problem is that Baccano is only 13 episodes while FMAB is 64. But that shouldn't stop you from watching both!
report Recommended by SoulessAnime
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