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Ghouls and Demons fighting against humanity. Some of them are able to affect people and become demi-humans. Or so called - half human half demon/ghoul. Main character goes through traumatic incidents which changes his life. Both MC's are naive, into crying and having their perfect world which is soon broken and changed by the reality. Some good fights, action, soundtracks and animation.
report Recommended by Hutai
-Both have a supernatural foe that antagonizes the human race, however they look like humans (or similar to them) -Both shows try to get you to sympathize with this foe by making it seem like it was out of their control or they had no choice but to do what they did -Both see a main character transformed into that man-eating creature after a horrible accident -Both follow the main character's journey to mature as he is suddenly subjected to a harsh turn of events in his life and fails to adapt quickly
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both having characters that are turn to part monster and have cannibalistic tendacies and also both have humans hunting them down too and lots and i mean lots of violence in it.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Kimetsu no Yaiba and Tokyo Ghoul are vastly similar in both a tonal, literal, and plot-oriented sense. The plots are almost creepily similar, and if you enjoyed/valued the serious, dramatic, adrenaline-pumping, potentially disturbing, and mind-boggling experience of one of these shows, I can garuntee you will come to appreciate that of the other. :D
report Recommended by Foomfa
In both shows there are human eating creatures that have regenerative powers. Also in both shows there's a character that is a demon/ghoul but doesn't actually want to harm humans.
report Recommended by Schmarmin
Both go under the same premise of man eating monsters and are very popular animes. They also have a middlemen between the two races, Nezuko being previously human but turned into a demon and Kaneki being a human and becoming half ghoul.
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
-they both eating humans -nezuko to kaneki ken
report Recommended by djamesl3
About demons, many blood and fighting scenes, both have strong protagonists and antagonists.
report Recommended by real_noahh
Both of them are some sort of related to one another. Both of them refers to different creatures as their enemy. Their enemies regenerate. The main characters have the same voice actor. I highly recommend them. And I almost forgot, both of them will make you cry since there are a lot of characters that will soon die, so enjoy watching it.. ;)
report Recommended by hummeraki
Both series explore dark and mature themes. "Tokyo Ghoul" delves into the struggles of ghouls and their interactions with humans, while "Demon Slayer" features intense battles against demonic creatures. Both series also explore the moral ambiguity of their respective worlds. In both series, there is a societal fear or prejudice against the supernatural beings. Ghouls are feared and hunted in "Tokyo Ghoul," while demons are considered dangerous in "Demon Slayer." The main characters in both series undergo significant transformations and adaptations to their new circumstances. Kaneki in "Tokyo Ghoul" struggles with his identity as a half-ghoul, while Tanjiro in "Demon Slayer" undergoes rigorous training to become a   read more
report Recommended by _Exotic_Gaming_
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