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Myself; Yourself
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Myself; Yourself
These two romance series presents to the viewer likable characters and cute moments. Both are currently airing in the 2007 fall season and have male leads who look similar to one another.
report Recommended by Karura
At first, it looks like a school slice of life with a bit of romance and harem, but in the end it ends up beind SO much more than that. Both reach a certain depth in predestined relationships, even if the show doesn't focus on it.
report Recommended by goblinlady
well, the biggest similarity between that TV series is that both of them are treating about *school times*, so you know - in general school, friends, boyfriends&girlfriends, first love, family, intrests etc. but in my opinion 'Myself;Yourself' has a more mature attitude to these issues and shows the life of teenagers which is not always as colorful as somebody might think.That anime have a deep insight into serious youth's problems, such as difficult past or family conflicts, which are sometimes downgraded by other productions. The plot stays in your mind and makes you think. moreover, it's well-done and watching is a great pleasure! I would   read more
report Recommended by jumikao
Slice of life, Romance mixed with side stories for each individual characters. Both animes are tear tearjerkers and very sweet dramas, Myself, Yourself has a much happier ending though.
report Recommended by rioyoki
Both are Harem style anime dealing with love, drama, comedy and friendship between teens but have their own unique tastes which make them good. Both animes have their share of tender and sad romantic moments.
report Recommended by 0keitan
really dramatic romance anime stories.. myself yourself is really slice of life genre meanwhile clannad's supernatural but it's slice of life too...
report Recommended by AmeriLA
Looking for more touching anime drama? Myself Yourself and Clannad is a great one if you want a story that pulls you in!
report Recommended by Shikirou