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both have deep emotional arcs and meanings. both contains drama powerful stories to touch the heart. although clannad is more comedy-orientated whilst ef is more drama orientated, both have amazing artwork (though different in style), and BOTH ARE ABSOLUTELY EPIC AND TOTALLY WORTH WATCHING especially if you like drama/romances/slice of life/school stuff!!!!
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
I have to say, if you like the idea of a nice girl being helped by guy, then ef is another great one to watch. There are quite a few similar themes between both of them such as gaining the confidence to pursue a "dream" thanks to a great guy you randomly met. Though Clannad is more comedy oriented (Air is pretty funny too at times!), ef is more drama oriented.
report Recommended by mahomisato
They aired at the same time, so many people completely overlooked ef in favor of Clannad. However, they both are compelling tales of several characters and how their lives intertwine together in a small town.
report Recommended by gloomheart
Both these dramas involve high-school romances, and feature a male protagonist who, though initially a delinquent, is spurred onto the right path through the influence and guidance of family and friends. Both are very character-driven, and while the characters in Clannad are more fleshed out than those in Ef, Ef is significantly more condensed and loaded. If you're up for an emotional rollercoaster with great artwork, music and characters, watch these.
report Recommended by linnaes
Though Ef - aToM lays on the drama thicker than Clannad, both shows are school based romance stories. If you seek something cute, Ef may not be your thing, but if you're looking for a well-written and somewhat bittersweet drama, you may have found it here.
report Recommended by Taqnology
Both are melancholic and beautiful at the same time (Although in the case of EF a little creepy). Clannad goes bigger in its story that is while EF is short and to the point Clannad is basically just build up for After Story, only features one couple and pretty much describes their whole life. If you liked one it is almost impossible not to like the other (there is the outside scenario that you've seen a lot of other Key works (than Clannad) and gotten fed up with them but liked EF. Then you would be in the category of not liking Clannad but liking   read more
report Recommended by PawnDa
ef have a similar romantic problem as clannad where the girl have an amnesia that cause the relationship between the girl and the boy began to loose. And both of them have heart-touching story about someone that live lonely in her own world.
report Recommended by guilts51
when it come to heart wrecking anime very few pull it off as well as these two..with a touching plot memorable characters taking place in a school environment ef: A Tale of Memories. is more focused on the romance side well Clannad is more on the slice of life side . if you liked one you well most defiantly like the other .
report Recommended by Razerrey
Tears will definitely flow if you watch these anime, so if you are in the mood for drama check out any of the two. Ef and the Clannad franchise have great characters burdened with plenty of emotional baggage and they are the meat of the story. The characters will confront their burdens and as a result will grow but the path will not always be sunny. If one of the shows relentlessly stabbed your heart as you watched expect the other to do the same.
report Recommended by ALLONA
The two romance dramas share a lot of similarities. In both series, the main character meets a weak girl who has a story they want to tell and ends up helping her with it. Both anime are also very sad and can get you emotional.
report Recommended by Sande
Clannad and Ef both are melodramas and i mean good melodramas ef may not contain some comedy like clannad but it got mystery just like clannad. Both anime source is visual noval. both anime contains 2 seasons and both are worth watching..
report Recommended by Hid3nGuy
Some of the best dramas in anime, with their own share of similarities. There is romance, twin sister characters, and ef even references Clannad at some point. One can also draw a comparison between Nagisa and Chihiro, which are both amazing characters, responsible for some great moments on their respective shows.
report Recommended by Kiwii_121
Both anime are: - romance drama - Nakige - MC who is struggling with their life - Characters in high school
report Recommended by Pretextor