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Ookiku Furikabutte
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Both are realistic anime based on baseball. Both feature exciting scenes, an unpredictable plot and excellent comedy. As for differences, DnA has a much stronger shounen element to it, with a huge and yet amazing cast, great music and an impressive number of scenes that really get the viewer fired up, while Oofuri is more technical, unique and original, and all in all has a very realistic feel to it.
report Recommended by VVayfarer
They're both baseball anime with the main character being a pitcher, who's pitching got a certain quirk due to never receiving proper coaching. They're different in that Oofuri's Mihashi is the ace of a new established team and lacks self-confidence, while DnA's Sawamura joins a high school baseball elite school and is overconfident despite being no where near the ability of the regular members of the team.
report Recommended by Nana-tan
They're both anime about baseball with the main characters being the pitcher and the catcher.
report Recommended by vaninilla
Both are a story of pitchers coming from humble beginnings. While DnA has a more intense art style and longer episode length than Oofuri, oofuri is still an extremely cute and quirky show that shows teamwork much like DnA. Oofuri is honestly one of my favorite shows based on the main character alone.
report Recommended by kayyim
Both revolve about baseball, the main characters struggle to work with new team mates. While both have opposite personalities, they still learn the true meaning of baseball, hardship, and friebdship throughout their journey as a pitcher.
report Recommended by KaneHunter
Besides the obvious baseball/sports anime similarities, both pitchers weren't taught to throw properly, so they have a moving fastball, also their junior high baseball career was bad
report Recommended by regumia
Both are baseball anime, with pitchers as main characters, both baseball team struggling to reach koushien, both had a good balance in both everyday life of the players and gameplay, though personally I believe Ookiku focus a bit more on the former.
report Recommended by Dai_to
Both are comedy, sports anime centred around high school baseball. Both main characters (Mihashi from Ookiku and Eijun from Daiya no A) are pitchers. The catchers for both Ookiku and Daiya no A are pretty smart and they also get a lot of screen time. Ookiku has more detailed baseball rules explanations; Daiya no A is more light on the explanations and focuses a lot on creating tension, cliffhangers and comedy parts. Differences: 1. Ookiku has a more laid-back and slice-of-life feel to it; both the art and the soundtrack. In this regard, Daiya no A has a kick-ass soundtrack and sound effects (a ball hitting the   read more
report Recommended by ITFujoshi
Both shows are about baseball, both shows are mainly about the pitcher, and both shows are pretty great.
report Recommended by ameriikawaii
-Baseball -Rivalry between teammates -Comedy -First year players -Trust between the battery
report Recommended by Kaoru_Shizuka
I recommend this because both are based off the sport of baseball and both main characters are lovable pitchers. I feel like the only differences are that the both of the main character's personalities are very different and that Ookiku Furikabutte gives off a more slower-paced, realistic feel to it's characters and episodes, compared to Diamond no Ace's shounen-like, easily-adaptive characters. Of course, I definitely enjoyed both shows and highly recommend Diamond no Ace.
report Recommended by shiiruki