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Kaibutsu Oujo
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Kaibutsu Oujo
High School DxD
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High School DxD
very similar, that is there's fighting between, for highschool their own kind, for princess their family the main character died and got revived by his master. the master really cared for the the main protagonist and there's demon/vampires
report Recommended by pakin
both about the main guy dieing and then being bought back by a powerful vampire to serve and protect her from other supernatural beings. both are also very funny.
report Recommended by daleb729
Both series features a protagonist with his life being completely changed after a certain event in the series. Both anime features several different women with different motives but all seems to have affections for the main protagonist, at various levels. Both series contains comedy, drama, action, as well as some romance.
report Recommended by Stark700
Unlikely hero boy meets paranormal princess and becomes her eternal servant and they secretly have feelings for each other. Princess Resurrection is a lot more PG but the servant process is more interesting in PR and makes a good plot concept.
report Recommended by UponAShallowBay
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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