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Both have great world building and a large caste of characters. Both have two main factions that have conflicted members that you can root for. Both main characters are in search of a mysterious MacGuffin (the Radiant=the One Piece) where the journey is more important than the destination. Both worlds feature traveling to islands in a vast expanse on unique ships. They share a charming sense of adventure and mystery that keeps you wondering what the next step in the journey is and who the new interesting characters you'll meet along the way. I see Radiant becoming a lot like One Piece one day if it   read more
report Recommended by Praetori_Samurai
One Piece and Radiant have the same concept, where a young boy having a dream to become the strongest and finding something (Luffy wants to be Pirate King and find One Piece, Seth wants to be the strongest sorcerer and find Radiant). To achieve their dreams, they have to go through adventures to gain allies as well as information about where the things are placed.
report Recommended by renzospark
Both follow a similar pattern and premise. Both stories follow the protagonist moving from island to island to become stronger and finding their objective (the One Piece and Radiant) In both cases, the protagonists are seen as evil/the bad guys merely for who they are. > In One Piece, Luffy and his gang are seen are evil because they are pirates and pirates are 'evil' > In Radiant, Seth and other sorcerer's are seen as evil because they are sorcerer's Also, there is a semblance in the antagonists. > One Piece - the Marines > Radiant - the Inquisitors >>> The antagonists are law enforcers who try to catch the protagonists merely their   read more
report Recommended by jessslyyyyy
If One Piece is in the sea, then Radiant is in the sky. Both anime is pretty similar, they travel to different islands, fight enemies, make friends and travel together. For One Piece, their journey is to find the treasure called "One Piece" while Radiant in the other hand is to find something called "Radiant"
report Recommended by JoeRai69
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