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Both of the anime series have a character that isn't the brightest of the bunch as the lead, and they both feature similar themes of being friends with each other, and rescuing one another from harm. Another very similar trait that they share is dreams, while Naruto wants to become the Hokage and Sasuke wants to become powerful enough to defeat Itachi, Luffy wants to become the Pirate King, and members of his crew share amibitions. One Piece is a must-see and by far one of the best shonen anime out there.
report Recommended by xedin
In both anime, main characters have similar ways of doing things. These ways are : pushing it to the end, never giving up or losing determination, having a dream to achieve that everyone else laughs or hardly believes. Another similarity about them is a strange charm makes other people know them, respect them or even follow them
report Recommended by havok_
Both have a main character that gets stronger throughout the story. Both main characters are sort of idiots. Both main characters fight to protect their comrades. There is a lot of comedy, and the fighting scenes revolve around honor and doing the right thing. One piece is about pirates, and Naruto is about ninjas. Shippuuden is the continuation of the series Naruto, and it takes place after a 2-3 year time skip. One piece also has a time skip but way later in the series. One Piece wasn't split into a second series like Naruto. They are both extremely long running, and they are both "gateway"   read more
report Recommended by explicit707
report Recommended by MinimalismGeek
Do you wish that the characters in Naruto could be better fleshed out and more interesting? Are the fights not varied enough for you? If so you'll love One Piece. There are nine main characters that have each been fully fleshed out and have unique and powerful backstories. Every fight is unique because of the existence of devil fruits which grant the user rare powers that only they posses. You will fall in love with the characters. I have yet to run into a boring episode and there are over 560 episodes now. Just make sure to skip a few fillers but thats all pretty   read more
report Recommended by GreyWoolf
I started watching one piece not so long ago, and as soon as I saw the first episode it reminded me so much of Naruto Shippuuden. Both main characters are special. They are funny, strong, and go after for what they believe in. The series intrigues you to keep watching more episodes. Some episodes will make you get a tissue and some will make you stop breathing of laughter. Now, lets talk about action! These fighting scenes and supernatural powers such as devil fruit or just nine tails make the fighting scenes so interesting. Personally, both of this series are my favorites, they're just   read more
report Recommended by Karinasbigheart
Both series involve the bonds of friendship, with One Piece involving the relationships between the Strawhat crew while Naruto involving the bonds between the different ninjas of the Hidden Leaf village. Both have a vast amount of characters that have interesting and unique backgrounds and different environments for the characters to explore. Both main characters (Luffy and Naruto) are extremely similar as they have the ambition to protect their friends. Also, both protagonists have the ambition to rise to the very top with Luffy desiring to become the Pirate King and Naruto desiring to become the Hokage. Both series have a large amount of action and use of   read more
report Recommended by Zeal_Seal
They are both shounen anime. They have similar main protagonists who both have a dream luffy to be pirate king and naruto to be hokage. They are long on going series with many fans within the anime community, i mean seriously every person who has either watched naruto or one piece at least knows of the others existence. They are heavily influenced from DBZ as protagonists both share similar traits with goku. All in all, if you liked naruto then you will most likely like one piece.
report Recommended by mugiwaramafa
Both anime consists of initially weak protagonists that have a fixed goal to be the strongest in the world.Both anime focus on the importance of friendship.
report Recommended by shahzain
1.Both anime are have the same atmosphere. 2.The main characters have similar traits and personalities. 3.There are many unique and fictional concepts in both anime. 4.The story line flows, though naruto is a bit more complex. 5.A moderate amount of humour 6.The length is fairly long, 300+ episodes
report Recommended by KilluaHitsugaya
Both have stupid main characters which grows more mature during the series. Both main protagonist have a ridiculous dream which is very unlikely to achieve. Both series have a two year time skip where the main protagonist goes of training with there mentor's in Luffy's case it's Rayleigh and in Naruto's case it's Jiraiya. Both anime are action shounen.
report Recommended by StealthActivated
Both are great shounen and also they are 2 of the big 3 so no surprise if you like shounen you will love these.
report Recommended by Casual_Elite
I will say One piece and Naruto have bunch of common things. Why not, they both are the member of BIG 3. One piece is a story where a pirate Monkey D Luffy wants to become Pirate King Naruto is an anime where a ninja Naruto wants to become Hokage. The story building, character development, world expanding everything is totally top-notch. Both of this anime is totally freaking good. I will personally say One piece is better than Naruto though an unsolved quarrel goes-"One piece VS Naruto"
report Recommended by OtAkU_TaBiB
Both are very good shounen animes Both are working towards their goals in the similar way Both have almost same number of episodes
report Recommended by NoTThEGhosT
its so much similar to naruto as both are shonen both give us morals about life both anime mcs have goals and. they work hard for it and. five us motivation both are beautiifully colored anime
report Recommended by Bankai_User007
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