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One Piece
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One Piece
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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
They are both about a long journey to accomplish a certain goal. And both have long stroy arcs. And the characters in both anime have sad background stories.
report Recommended by dest-roy96
Male protagonist embarks on an adventure and touches many lives on the way. Epic fight scenes and funny characters are abundant throughout both of these shows.
report Recommended by novatitan
Probably the 2 biggest world-building shounen today.Whats the most important,Magi has that great adventure (like One piece) feeling that few shows have.And it also has very unique setting.
report Recommended by rotkva
Both are about a person who is striving to be a king(although alibaba wasn't at first) while having help from comrades. Both animes also give importance to the power of friendship and continues improvement among the protagonists.
report Recommended by boglat1528
-Both are action adventure series with a large emphasis on worldbuilding, each having intricate maps filled with various kingdoms and locations -Both are rags to riches stories about the main characters going from nobodies to becoming notable threats in the world -Both have tremendous chemistry within the main group of characters allowing for comedy to make the journey more bearable -Both have a similar power system (devil fruits & djinn equips) where some kind of mythical object grants access to a particular power, and members of the world can only have one (with select exceptions)
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both series have fun characters and a focus on detailed worldbuilding. If you like the political aspects of One piece, Magi is the perfect follow up. Both series take a while to get going but pay off big time in their mysteries and suspense
report Recommended by Orangutan999
-Both anime have a virtuous, peace minded mc -Both anime have great world building and geography -Both anime have great adventures which is really enjoyable -Both anime have a great cast and trio
report Recommended by SheeshIrei
Both are a crazy adventure centered around a cast of fun and colorful characters. Magi is the closest to replicate that feeling of adventure when watching One Piece. Both series' worldbuilding is also phenomenal. The fun adventure in both series' is layered with sad and impactful moments. As a side note, both series also have an interesting dynamic of world politics that go on in the background of each show.
report Recommended by BananaGod34
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