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Both shows focus on people who were born with or acquired special abilities. Both main protagonists of each show had dark and sad pasts and they're trying to overcome them by stopping those who abuse their special abilities and saving those who posses similar powers also from normals and their fellow people. They also had bad encounters and experiences with scientists who want to experiment their abilities. Anyway, what makes both of these shows different from each other is that in Charlotte their abilities are temporary until they reach a certain part of their life when it is no longer there while on the other hand, the potential   read more
report Recommended by FalloutShounen3
Hamatora is a mix of supernatural, comedy and some mystery. Charlotte is exactly that there are funny part there are serious part. Hamatora also features a small ability known as minimum which is much similar to ability used in Charlotte (A Small ability which come with its own limitation). Hamatora and Re: Hamatora follows a somewhat darker storyline which charlotte only have towards the end.
report Recommended by Dusklaws
Both shows are about people having/awakening superpowers in modern society. Male MCs are somewhat unique and have a powerful/useful ability and with the power they have they try to protect their family and friends. Both MCs had been in a facility where scientists conducted experiments on them.
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
There are people with supernatural abilities, but that's not the reason I think you'd like Charlotte if you liked Hamatora and vice versa. Both series start as light-hearted comedies - Hamatora as a random action-comedy and Charlotte as an episodic slice-of-life comedy where the characters help out other people with powers, not entirely unlike Natsume Yuujinchou. But eventually, both animes turn pretty dark, while still maintaining comedy elements. Overall, Hamatora is longer and more focused on action and excitement than Charlotte, which has more drama in it. If you like captivating and emotional stories that still crack a few jokes throughout the dark plotlines, these   read more
report Recommended by Sakura_Bean_Buns
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