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Made by some of the same people and following the major themes of giant robot fights, puberty, and coming into ones own self with the help of close friends, these two series encompass many of the positive aspects of the mecha genre as they relate to believing in one's comrades and themselves. Neither series busies itself with explaining mechanics beyond "here is the world and people get stronger through the power of friendship and reconciliation" but appreciating them for the uplifting message and character interaction and growth rather than number of plot holes takes the viewer for an amazing ride.
report Recommended by Calcature
I had a hard time getting into Gurren Lagann, I dropped it several times before finally getting past the near vertical learning curve to engage it. Franxx suffers a similar issue, where the writers/producers took a highly artistic approach to the narrative and let me tell you, its FANTASTIC. Most negative comments revolve around the first 6 episodes, where everything makes sense if you keep watching. Do yourself a favor, if you liked Gurren, come to Franxx with no expectations and see where the ride takes you!
report Recommended by UltraDoom
Both are Mecha animes. Also Both are tragic. You will see similarities after you watch them.
report Recommended by anjerika18
Earth has become a wasteland and humanity is under the attack of monsters, reason why humans had to resort to live under the surface. Their only hope to survive is to fight the monsters with special robots. A fateful encounter between the main protagonist and a red/pink head will change their lives.
report Recommended by JakklL
Similar art style (same artists as trigger is basically just gynax reborn). Giant robots, emotional characters and a little fan service. Typical Trigger animation that I can't recommend enough to anyone who likes Gurrenlagan. The anime really has the same feeling as Gurren and may even be its spiritual successor .
report Recommended by Arbra
An art style similar to Gurren Lagann as well as animation during the fights. If you were or are a fan of Gurren Lagann I highly recommend taking a look at Darling in the FranXX
report Recommended by Slap
Both are Mechas that isn't 3D and a theme where the human civilization is sheltered and uses mechs to defend themselves
report Recommended by Zetsubou5990
Both follow a squad piloting mechs and plot evolves a similar way.
report Recommended by squashem
It makes perfect sense that a mecha anime done by Studio Trigger carries the same hallmark traits of the flagship mecha anime of Studio Gainax; the former is the successor of the latter, after all. Everything from the mecha transfrormation sequences, battle sequences, and character animation are similar. They are also similar in that they are both set in post-apocalyptic versions of Earth where the remains of humanity survive while battling monstrous beings in giant mecha.
report Recommended by Dewelleric
Both have mecha fight, a tragic love story, both ending went for big then went home, they make you cheer for the main characters, both art style is amazing, both have unforgettable characters (Kamina/02)
report Recommended by Drakos17
- Both are visually appealing shows - Both have plot twists that mix up the story - Both have fanservice (Franxx has a little more) - Franxx focuses more on the romance - TTGL focuses more on the mecha battles They are both great mechas and my top two favorites. For me tho TTGL > Franxx.
report Recommended by FancyTunaRamen9
Same crazy style animation and shit getting real with the starting of the second cour. Sane story writer too.
report Recommended by Ballroomdancer
-Same mecha anime -The art of Hiroyuki Imaishi (director of TTGL & Kill La Kill) and Atsushi Nishigori (Director of DTF and character designer of TTGL) -Have a fanservice and comedy -The main character is male -The secondary character mode the main character to be a great pilot
report Recommended by Bobyak47
With excellent writing, lovable characters, beautiful art/animation, and so much more, Darling in the FranXX is an amazing homage and lives up to the hype of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's legacy. Definitely a must watch.
report Recommended by AngeryMood
Both set in an utopian future, with mecha combats and friends fighting together. I think the differece lays in the main caracthers relationships: DITF has some more romance than TTGL.
report Recommended by treszkun
If you liked Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann for its sharp yet simple plot with mecha battles, you should try Franxx for doing a different plot that also goes with mecha battles. They both have very interesting story directions, so you should pay attention to enjoy Franxx!
report Recommended by yuccasnpk
Similar plot Same Vibes
report Recommended by Clashmaster7
When I watched this anime, it made me think of Gurren Lagann the whole time. I am sure that anyone who liked this show will like Gurren as well... They are both very similar...
report Recommended by Mawesome3
Both have same premise especially a post apocalypse which makes mankind have to survive by making robots. The battle that was delivered was also very epic.
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
- In both anime people hide from the monsters on the surface - Both mecha - Both fight against aliens - Both the mc's have a partner - Both mc's fight for someone
report Recommended by Aleks_is
If you've watched Darling in the Franxx and was left disappointed then I would highly recommend watching Gurren Lagann. While I was watching Darling in the Franxx I basically said to myself "this is a Gurren Lagann rip off" which is exactly what it is, just worse. Both animes are mecha, and humanity is hiding away from their enemies and attack back in their mecha suits to reclaim the earth as theirs. In both animes, humanity is fighting against other nonhuman beings in the first half of the anime, and then in the second half they have to fight invading extraterrestrial enemies. There are a   read more
report Recommended by Yoambryan
both have similar stories but gurren lagann is lowkey better
report Recommended by _one_brown_guy
Both mecha, and have fights in the universe
report Recommended by MarkMont
1. Both of them is mecha 2. Both of them is about post apocalyptic world where the main character is trying to fight against the norm 3. Both have similar theme during the second half of the series (mecha getting cooler and cooler, and xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx)
report Recommended by Pierrepipi
Two worlds with a similar themes about mecha and growing up; Two protagonists whose growth started from the bottom; and two main mechas that grew bigger than planets. These animes have great animations with great character designs. These characters grew from their post-apocalyptic world of monsters roaming the wastelands only to be the saviors of humanity in the future. Be ready for a dramatic journey for both series!
report Recommended by OmniCheese
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