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the similar are the charaters personalitys i would have to say that Naruto and Rin are alike they are some person who likes to help others, and let them understand peoples feelings, Naruto and Rin know when people are being hurt or know that when they need someone, they know that they have to be the one to be there. Like Naruto helping Gaara, Naruto new that Gaara was like him, and the same thing went as Rin wanted to stop Ryuji making the same mistake as what he did to his own father. Everyone didn't like them, everyone knew that he had a demon in   read more
report Recommended by xninaxhangx
Things that made Ao No Exorcist "the same" as Naruto: - There a students that is styding on a school for becoming something - They are on missions outside and need to survive without the teacher (tho, that episode was very exciting!) - They can make animals and things come and help them only by saying special formula or something. - They can bite their fingers and use their blood to make the things they get from the formula to be stronger. - The story start's also about a boy that is borned demon and got a horrible childhood. - The demon boy also lose his control over his demon powers,   read more
report Recommended by Sachoza
Both main characters have been born with powers from Evil that they will have to master in order to save the World from destruction and avoid their friends to get hurt by that same power.
report Recommended by philiphos
Both protagonists are loud mouth idiots that are shunned by their peers because they're cursed with awesome and they both strive to become the best despite their stupidity and naivety.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
They have the same protagonists who have a darker side which they initially hated but later on accepted. Both try to show others that what they really are is not the ONLY thing that defines them.
report Recommended by mrsLEE
Both main characters were rejected as kids by their respective community and also have amazing great hidden power.
report Recommended by Jopfle
Both are centered around a boy who learns that he is gifted with immense demonic powers, and must find a way to control them in order to protect the people he loves.
report Recommended by soul67x
Now switching the ninja world to a world with two sides, Ao no Exorcist is another anime that will remind you of Naruto because the main characters are so much alike. Rin Okumura is the illegitimate son of Satan. He was created to be a suitable vessel for Satan, so he can travel and conquer the human world. Demons can only travel between the two worlds as long as they can possess anything that exists within it. Rin, on the other hand, does not want to be associated with the demon lord and decides to become an exorcist to fight and protect their own world. Naruto   read more
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
It is truly fascinating that how much in common Naruto, and Blue Exorcist has. Both main characters from the shows (Naruto, and Rin) are motivated to become someone who can save the world by their parents. Therefore they would study at a special school where they would eventually graduate and follow the path of justice. The characters are born with powers that are not what normal people would have, but rather on the more evil side. However, they use this power for good purposes.
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
Both have an inner beast inside them Both anime's have similar story telling Both protagonists friends/people were scared of them beacuse of their beasts inside them Both anime's use magic Similar protagonists
report Recommended by 0megaH
Both MCs have a hidden power within them that they cannot control. They both are also unpredictable and willing to do whatever it takes to help a friend.
report Recommended by Yman1512