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Both have the same shounen-ness to them and they both deal with characters searching for power
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
They both have a light-hearted (and sometimes perverted) sense of humor, same style of drawing, same style of characters.
report Recommended by theobviousalias
If you see black star and naruto you will find similiar clumsy character.Because they both have the same idiotic that alway's rushing into thing's without thinking first.they also have strong will & dream.That why i recomended this serial because they both funny,and if you like naruto series i confident that You also like this series.Please Enjoyed!
report Recommended by TX-1000
The art style for Soul Eater actually is rather similar to Naruto's in the fact that it uses rather thick lines and bright, solid colours. Even the tone of the anime is similar, adding light-hearted and funny moments in-between epic action. Soul Eater injects a bit more humour than Naruto, but they both do a good job of relieving tension with humour at the right moments. Both anime focus on building up the quirky characters (which are very lovable and memorable) as they progress further into their world and as they get into more fights. Both stories are essentially following the   read more
report Recommended by Overcooled
Naruto relates to the character Black Star in Soul Eater very much(as mentioned by others)--the difference is that Black Star is much cooler(IMO). Both animes have a similar relation with the characters being mediocre at first and eventually grow stronger. Soul Eater however is fairly more organized in episodes and actually has an ending(also, it didn't exceed over 100 episodes!). There's lots of your humour and action just like Naruto too.
report Recommended by hakumeia
Some of the characters resembles each other like... Black star and Naruto who thinks they're better than everyone else Death the kid and Sasuke who are bad asses maka and sakura who feels the need to be stronger
report Recommended by aprilfreak101
When watching Soul Eater i instantly thought "this is like naruto only a bit cooler" Both have characters coming out of a school where they are trained to fight at young ages and get put into dangerous situations leading to fighting some sort of ultimate evil.
report Recommended by OzzyOtaku
There are a lot of resemblances between the two. Some of the main characters are like main characters from Naruto. Me and my friend joke around and try to assign a Soul Eater character to a Naruto character. So far we have matched Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, Kabuto, Orchimaru, and the Mizukage.
report Recommended by zayber
1. In Soul Eater, they have powerful wavelengths and they try to control it. Same as Naruto, they have strong Chakra and they have to control it. 2. Both anime have groups of 3: Maka, Death the Kid and Black star. And Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. 3. Naruto and Black☆Star both love attention.
report Recommended by kappermix
Soul eater is very similar to Naruto as it about groups of young people who fight. It might not be long and it might have shallower plot but it's better made with nicer sense of humour and not that long. Extreme similarities can be seen on some charachters such as Naruto and Star.
report Recommended by JakklL
Soul Eater and Naruto are very similar because they both contain great comedy and fight scenes. When I first started watching Soul Eater, the first person that reminded me of Naruto was Black Star. They're both loud and obnoxious, but do care about their comrades intensely. Black Star also reminds me of Sasuke because they have similar back stories. Then there's Maka, who reminded me of Sakura because of their kind and caring personalities and also their tendency to punch/chop people that annoy them. There are so many other people who remind me of the characters from Naruto, but if I listed them I would   read more
report Recommended by Scarlet_witch