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Fighting and great character development. Because of the expanse of different characters, there is bound to be one (or a couple) that instantaneously become your favorite.
report Recommended by xaynie
though the styles are totally different there yet the same every average anime watcher will find himself in a dilemma on which he should watch.. i suggest both ! there both funny, yet serious but then again... also Cruel and theres drama.. they both got em all :D
report Recommended by crowfield
It has action, adventure, love and even some comedy which is what makes these two anime seem so similar. But there are some differences of course, however the 2 characters kurosaki Ichigo and Naruto have extremely similar personality traits such as their will to protect those around them and their will to survive no matter what!
report Recommended by gaaras_viper
Both main characters try to be stronger and save their friends. In both anime is a lot of fight and action. And both anime have stupid, boring fillers. ;]
report Recommended by Kokkishin
The genres are quite alike, and they are universes where fighting is necessary for surivival. Where Naruto is more about emotions and the craft of a fictive universe, Bleach presents more extreme fighting scenes with a stench of Dragon Ball in it. Both are great animes.
report Recommended by CaMaVan
Both series are about an outsider who tries to become stronger to protect his friends. In addition, Naruto, as well as Bleach, feature unique battles with super powers (Jutsus in Naruto and Soul Slayer attacks in Bleach).
report Recommended by Destructor-X
Typical shounen animes. Hero with strong powers, will and many friends. Katanas, swords, battles, talking during these battles, evil organization and so on... similar, ne?
report Recommended by Rinvee
Both have a main character that gets stronger and stronger as the show moves on. Both have an outstanding cast of support characters. Both are filled with action and all sorts of powers and blend in comedy at the right moments.
report Recommended by FishPhoenix
These anime are just the same type. Main characters just do all their best to save the world)) an alternative reality, special supernatural abilities, interesting fights... Both anime contain all these aspects. Of course these series are really childish and rather simple, but it can help you to give a rest to your brain! So, enjoy)))
report Recommended by dopestarrr
Both anime tells about one guy who wants to be the best and protect everyone. They start from level zero and raises to high level with training. There are awesome fights all the time and are both funny too.
report Recommended by Atzaaa
Both are shounen and involve quite alot of violence. There is not much of a romance in it although naruto may be a bit more emotional than bleach. They both start out with a guy that is inexperienced, but as the story progresses they improve dramatically
report Recommended by fiddleberg
Both series provide you with similar characters, who start off as newbies and as they make friends, enemies and fight their ways through, they realize they have amazing potential and learn what friendship really means! In both Bleach and Naruto, you'll harness action till you drop!
report Recommended by CelestialAgency
Naruto derives from the same plot outline as Bleach, in which Naurto starts out as a weak ninja and as the story progresses, he gets stronger and fight tougher enemies.
report Recommended by Lamii
Both series are long running (lots of episodes) series that center around action and fighting. The main characters are very good and the stories are very profound. The main characters both start of as inexperienced but very stubborn and determined to become the best. Gradually they learn what the toll is of the world they live in while they become stronger.
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both main characters have powers and a strong willed mind. They never give up and fight mainly for the sake of their friends (I've just described the shounen genre). Both develop their powers throughout the anime as they keep training and fighting. One as a substitute shinigami and the other one as a ninja. The cast of Bleach is older than Naruto's but the target audience is not very different so if you've watched one and are looking for something with the same feel to it, give the other a go.
report Recommended by Angry-Muffin
One of the most typical battle shounen anime - lenghty runtime padded with filler content, hotheaded protagonist that pulls through by the writers making new powers on the go, flashy abilities that come and go, pretty much all of the clichés in one pack.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Let's start by comparing the story, both have similar shounen elements of that fighting spirit; Bleach = spiritual energy and Naruto = chakra. The Story's main protagonist seeks to become stronger after each encounter to protect their families (although in the beginning Naruto's motive is to not be seen as an outcast) The development of the protagonist is conveyed in a simple formula of finding that inner strength to overcome their opponent (speaking which both suffer inner demons to which they must also struggle against and control to unleash their full potential), however this simple formula is made entertaining by the interactions with a long   read more
report Recommended by Saul_L
No doubt, with some strong power comes a huge responsability, the characters will face huge difficults and because a huge plot you will have to choose wich one is your favourite
report Recommended by deadmou55
They both follow a main character who starts off as almost useless but each character gets stronger as time goes on. They each have a group of friends whose powers stem from same source of power. Both main characters have different forms that increase their power but at the price where they have to fight for control. And at some point one of the main villians becomes immortal.
report Recommended by Tabuu1900
The main characters of both shows, Ichigo and Naruto, are quite similar in terms of personality. They are both brash, energetic and have a tough exterior, although they have a kind heart. Both shows have the main character train to become stronger and protect his friends. Overall, these anime have similar art and animation, a lot of action and similar comedy, a large cast of characters, a similar plot and an overall similar vibe.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
The two main characters, ( Naruto and Ichigo) both have sad back stories, giving them the will to help others especially their friends. They both start off as very weak and steadily surpasses their superiors one by one until everybody notices and relies on them.
report Recommended by naruheaa2108
If you like watching shounen anime where you follow the protagonist and watch them grow throughout the anime you'll probably enjoy both series. Both protagonists grow stronger as they constantly fight tougher opponents and learn to control their unstable powers. Both series also have impressive fight scenes, Bleach with swords and Naruto with hand-to-hand combat and using special techniques called "ninjutsu".
report Recommended by Sande
Being a shonem anime, this is the best recommendation I can make at the moment. An anime whose protagonist develops as he sees his weaknesses, recognizes them and fights as if that were all... In Ichigo's words: "I don't fight thinking I'm going to win, I fight BECAUSE I HAVE to win!!" The anime brings together everything that Shonem Naruto gives us in a different world (soul reapers), comedy, action, emotion, dedication and overcoming! I believe that all Otakus must already know the anime Bleach, but this is a recommendation for beginners... <portuguese>Em se tratando de um anime shonen, essa é a melhor recomendação que posso fazer   read more
report Recommended by Raturso
Like Naruto is provides likable and memorable voice actors (both for dubbed and original content) and is the perfect foot-in-the-door anime.
report Recommended by moss1ah
Long-running shounen manga that share similar themes like friendship, self-sacrifice, and achieving one's best. They both have a lot of battles and likable characters.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Similar in the aspect of the protagonist being a character who is weak and is gifted with power which allows him to be better and struggles to master his power and overcome the odds. Main Character being being a person who is both acting like a fool and has good plans in a while.
report Recommended by 00Lone_wolf00
In both series the main characters have some demons and they both start through intensive training to become stronger, and they go through many adventures with their friends to become stronger or to help each other.
report Recommended by LUakaPAIN
Bleach and Naruto both start off with the main protagonist being powerless nobodies, who lost important people in their lives out of their control. But overtime, they gain the help of their friends, and become much stronger. They become very powerful, and discover they had insane power just sitting inside them all this time.
report Recommended by iKoNiKMage
Both are wholesome romcoms with little to no drama. Both couples get together early on and most of the story is about them actually dating each other.
report Recommended by Deepen1
Tho these anime have some complications between them...... Naruto and ichigo both are overpowered and lack a parent XD. Fight between ichigo vs Naruto does not make sense. Naruto's plot and bleach's plot are north and south . But both are long and a masterpiece.
report Recommended by _ichigo_i
Bleach is part of what people call the Big 3 - alongside 'Naruto', so obviously, you've to give it a watch and also it's final arc is getting adapted this October!!
report Recommended by TheUchihaOtaku
Both are a part of big 3 and both have a set of amazing characters and plotline is good too.
report Recommended by Shreyansh_25
training - fight bad guys rinse and repeat
report Recommended by Markozak1
Also one of the big three anime of the 2000's, great story, great characters, and very 2000's nostalgia bait heavy. There is A LOT of filler though.
report Recommended by Nightcorrr
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