Yami Shibai, Kowabon Recommendations

Yami Shibai
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Yami Shibai
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Both are short-format and of horror stories each episode. The animation for Yami Shibai is a bit better but if you're looking for more horror, these are both filled with jump scares.
report Recommended by Kosshi
# Both are Horror Story,
# Both are Stort Tales,
# Both have Peculiar way to tell the stories;
# No fixed characters
# No Necessery Order for wathing the episodes,
# Both have interesting animation forms
report Recommended by freirabeccy
Both are horror anime that have individual stories for each short episode. Yami Shibai and Kowabon each feature an art style very unique themselves which adds to the already creepy atmosphere. Also, each anime has an ED that breaks the tension from the show, but it's a nice way to calm down if you were extra frightened. Overall, both anime are very, very similar and good and quick watches.
report Recommended by Protaku
Both are horror stories with animation styles unusual and short duration in each chapter.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87