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Both shows have similar over-the-top comedy, weird super powers, transformations, some sort of secret organizations and hidden relations between people. Kill la Kill had ecchi elements despite not being of the genre, but Punch Line is officially ecchi.
report Recommended by aifukola
Lots of crazy action transformations weird weapons overall upbeat vibe
report Recommended by bloodiemonster
Both of these anime rely heavily on fanservice, and as a result, both of these anime have those critics who say the show is nothing but ecchi, and a sad excuse for anime. For some reason, Kill la Kill has managed to make it to the mainstream audience, where the majority would say it is critiquing fanservice, and in fact the ecchi is a necessary part of the plot. I would argue vehemently that Punchline is the exact same way: the panty shots in this anime are not just to cause nosebleeds in sexually frustrated 30-year-olds. In fact, I would say the fanservice in Punchline is   read more
report Recommended by laputia
Both contain a very over-the-top sense of humor and animation style. They contain crazy transformations and characters with strange super powers. If you enjoy shows that have plenty of action, crazy fights, strange bits of ecchi, these two are definitely for you.
report Recommended by doroark76
It has the same sorta plot. It really good and it Just got completed so it has all the episodes
report Recommended by Charliehassan
What happens with take a certain trope and use it in a way that subverts expectations with the risk of your creation being misinterpreted as a something else? - while not deconstructions, both shows play with the idea of fan service in interesting and original ways, integrating them perfectly into the universe they create, without it ever seeming out of place or gratuitous - furthermore, the use of said fan service is neaty explained and justified throughout the series and makes sense within their own respective universes - colorful cast of characters that have good chemistry together - well directed and animated action - you could say that that Punchline   read more
report Recommended by Sjo
Both shows feature magical girl esc plot devices and break out of the standards of their genre regularly enough. Both shows sport a fair amount of humor and kooky nonsense. Kill la Kill is far more stylistic by design, but punch line shares a penchant for going over the top. Most importantly both shows offer something unique.
report Recommended by dfun2hit