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Both series are focussed on the athletic development of males with a passion for their chosen sports. They take you on a journey with many obstacles to overcome with help from friends and rivals. Also, let your fangirl mind fill in the blanks left by shounen ai vibes throughout the episodes.
report Recommended by Lilviscious
Both are sport animes, with beautiful boys and a really strong BL vibe. All about friendship, rivalry and hard-work.
report Recommended by OokamiRisu
They are both boys sports animes, the art in both is similar, both show passion for sports, have good humor, beautiful men and bromance. Both have similar vibe.
report Recommended by plisetskytrash
Both the shows are about sports. The two main character are sworn rivals in the same field. They constantly challenge each other in order to prove who is the best in this town. Sadly the whole "challenge" part is just a farce and the only thing they're after is each other's Coca-cola ^_^
report Recommended by Always-Hungry
In term of animation, both try to make the sport that each of the characters are in to show the beauty of the sport that they partake in. Also something about dudes being cute or something. That too.
report Recommended by Alufei
Both are about a fairly beautiful sport BL/Bromance fan service is also included in both shows They give off the same vibe with the characters and how they act towards each other
report Recommended by Iruka
Free! has the same sport elements that Yuri on ice has. Sadly is does not have the same realtionship going on, but for the most part it has the same sort of feel with someone wanting to quit what they love. And unlike other recomendations it still has the sports element.
report Recommended by DurionMellanon
-funny characters AND MOMENTS -beautiful sports -a lot of boys characters -Otabek and JJ voice actors are voicing some characters from Free! -easy to find to watch online
report Recommended by loldreamer
Some similarities:- - The main characters are males. - Beautiful BL parts - Focused on sports and friendships Some non similarities:- - Free is all about swimming while Yuri On Ice is about ice skating.
report Recommended by FumiFumiko
Both amazing sports animes with homo-erotic subplots, whether those are canon or not you'll have to find out, but expect to be drawn in by both story lines.
report Recommended by shreddiesandchil
well first, its both sports anime. Second they both give off the same energy when you finish it! After watching Yuri!!! On Ice, I felt like I could do anythingg if I put my heart into it. When you finish THE WHOLE Free! anime, it'll leave you on edge wondering what happens next. But it also will put you on ease if you're worried about what your dream or life goals are... if you know what I mean. For me, the characters showed me that it's not too late to dream and as long as you have a drive to do something in your heart   read more
report Recommended by snayyy
This is a similar anime that's based on sports and men are the main characters and there are also some scratches of homosexuality. I really recommend Free if you liked Yuri on Ice!! and vice versa, the soundtrack of the two animes are incredible.
report Recommended by Choripann7
I noticed that people who like one, tend to like the other. A focus on sports, but also on relationships between the characters. Lots of funny moments. It is clear that there was a lot of passion in creating these anime. Both are set in a small town far away from Tokyo or other big cities. In both cases, the creators visited the towns and the anime even helped getting tourists to the real places they were based on.
report Recommended by Lionalanda
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