Naruto: Shippuuden, Fairy Tail Recommendations

Naruto: Shippuuden
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Naruto: Shippuuden
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Fairy Tail
When I first started to watch fairy tail it reminded me so much of both naruto and naruto: shippuden, the coolest thing about about is that every character resembled a character off of naruto, for example nastu would be naruto, gray would sasuke, Lucy would be sakura and so on, and they both hold a lot of susppense so if you like fairy tail you are definatly going to like naruto
report Recommended by silva8796
well its a shounen action type anime with awesome, very funny and unique characters it has a good storyline and awesome art and animation .If you liked Shippuuden you will like Fairy Tail
report Recommended by Eyzi
Both are shounen animes, but if your looking for something filled with great story, morals, action, comedy, and drama. Then this is for you! I think everybody knows really well that the first couple of episodes aren't that great, but if you can get past that and work your way up- you'll definitely see what I mean. Ever since that rough-start this series has never had once a moment to utterly fail at impressing me.
report Recommended by RyuKirin
Both contain action, adventure, humor and emotion. If you like one of them you'll probably like the other one too.
report Recommended by randomanimeguy
Both are very standard plots and characters, relating to one another such as Naruto - Natsu (even names begin with N lol) Sakura - Erza Sasuke - Gray (not entirely) Although the plot differentiates but with certain similarities i.e main character trying to save/bring back a friend (Natsu/Igneel) and (Naruto/Sasuke). The atmosphere is the same with the light hearted comedy and the action. Every episode is enjoyable and if you liked one of them, you will like the other.
report Recommended by vCloud
The main characters Naruto and Natsu are very similar, in any points which is what makes both people are absolutely amazing. In both series, they are fighting for their friends and done qustes together.
report Recommended by Houkou16
Both anime create their own world. strong feelings for their friends. Each individual has his own unique ability. Sick fights and action. They are both great shounen and you'll enjoy them.
report Recommended by Keespalmero
Both are Shounen have good action - Both have really good comedy - Fairy Tail has magic and Naruto has Ninja forces - both are really popular
report Recommended by Natsu_Japan
If you enjoyed Fairy Tail you will sure love Naruto. Both have a strong main character that never gives up and has his goal in mind all the time . For the romance lovers I am sorry but there is not much love in this series, even tho there are a few sparks here and there its nothing that develops in a real relationship.
report Recommended by Shole
This anime has also the same concept as Naruto. I watched this anime before I found Naruto though. It's a lot more humor in this anime, and the fillers "keeps to the story", as I find Naruto doesn't sometimes. Instead of fillers thrown around even now an then, it is filler-arcs, and they're worth watching. As Naruto the main characters in this anime is fighting for a better world and to save their friends. I enjoyed this anime! And guess what? They finally continued on the story, Fairy Tail (2014). Took some time though :)
report Recommended by OwlHeart
I know people are going to hate me for this. But I don't care. It's who I am. I am recommending this anime because it is my favorite of favorites. Here come the haters. I've enjoyed this anime since the beginning: I use to feel like Naruto as a child and I've really just grown up with him and explored my true passions along with him. He's kinda been the tour guide of my life and thus the reason why I'm so utterly hopeless. Yes. I admit it. (If you want to see my other posts about Naruto and how it affected my life, check out   read more
report Recommended by PrincessChika
Both have a funny MC. Both are Based on super techniques. Both have great story line.
report Recommended by Mr_Peacewalker
It has powers in it. The emotions are close but Narutos is more strong still Fairy Tail is a little close. But I think that Fairy tail 1 season is the closest but Fairy Tail season 2 and escaptially 3 was not too good.
report Recommended by spsrk111