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Bokurano and Madoka both feature young people in a serious situation that may affect the world. In both series, the children must fight and win at all cost. The characters in each are also guided by a mysterious being throughout their course.
report Recommended by Tsukari
Magical girls and mecha are genres apart, but these series do the same thing with them: deconstruct them viciously. You have one, maybe two episodes to get used to the cast and premise, and then prepare to have your expectations torn down and a wonderfully told story filled with drama and trauma unfurl before your eyes. Structurally and content-wise there are similarities that pile up the farther you go, but of course to elaborate would be to spoil -- and if you've seen one series, you know you won't want to be spoiled for the details of the other.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Despite being two very different genres on a surface level, I felt Bokurano and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica to be so similar in theme, story and atmosphere that I decided I had to make the only recommendation I've ever made. In Bokurano we are presented with the appearance of a show about a Mecha piloted by a group of kids, but very early in the show harsh circumstance teaches them they've gotten involved in an event far larger than themselves, and not necessarily in a heroic way, nor in a traditional mecha way. In Madoka, we see an identical situation, with the anime giving the false appearance   read more
report Recommended by Rethice
They have similar premise: young children are tempted to make contracts and play a dangerous game, often without being fully aware of what lies ahead. Anything more would be too spoilerific for either of them (the fact they are similar is already a huge spoiler).
report Recommended by insoo
Both are about children entering contracts to gain the power to help save the world, but with some nasty catches. Both ponder the same dilemmas: 1) Is the price of gaining power actually worth it? 2) Can you trust anyone who hands out such powers? 3) Is the world really worth saving? 4) What is the difference between you and your enemy?
report Recommended by grond
I can't give the reason without spoilers, but in both stories everything starts almost like a game but in reality it is much more serious battle.
report Recommended by Sony_Plastation
Madoka has the same premise as Bokurano: a group of kids that are pulled into a contract not knowing what's ahead of them. Both of these shows have the theme of "fighting for what believe in or what you have left." Despite Madoka being a mahou shoujo show, these shows share a lot of similarities i.e Kyubey and Dung Beetle.
report Recommended by arigajoe
Bokurano's idea is quite similar to Madoka, but happening in the Mecha genre instead of Mahou Shoujo. Both of them are about kids that have their lifes changed to become "heroes" - but the story approach is much more emotionally realistic than the average and both are quite dark.
report Recommended by yokoelf
Both Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica and Bokurano center themselves around very common anime plots: school children being exposed to a magical or otherworldly force that offers them great power/makes them special. Both series than explore a perverted version of these plot lines giving them a grittier reality. Both Bokurano and Madoka explore the realities of being bestowed powers by a seemingly harmless off-worlder and the consequences implied.
report Recommended by cureelliott
Both are about innocent teenagers who were tricked into a vicious cycle of death and destruction. Kyubey and Dung beetle are similar in that they both serve their main roles as manipulators, contracting the kids into a cruel fate. Both are dark and somewhat depressing.
report Recommended by Darkjolly
-High school -Psychological -Life or Death -Plot Twists -Fighting -Tricked into problem -Guidance by another being
report Recommended by EG_Kraftwerk
The main characters' faiths have been decided without them knowing it in the beginning.
report Recommended by CherryAqua
bokurano and madoka magica both share the fact that they deconstruct their genre(magical girl for madoka and mecha for bokurano). They both go about it almost the same way too, an outside source appears and messes with the children's lives forever, leaving no good endings. Madoka magica drew many aspects and ideas from Bokurano due to kyubey being very similar to dung beetle, among others. The soul jewel in madoka magica is its version of Zearth(the giant mecha). Both also show clear themes of the philosophical concept of Nihilism.
report Recommended by Black_Serena
Its a lighter version of Bokurano but still dark. Even though I hated Bokurano, because its mixed of Claymore, Stein's Gate... this series really makes you think. I liked this series.
report Recommended by kryture
Nope, I'm not joking. Bokurano and Madoka Magica, yes. I usually write why I find the two shows i'm recommending similar but in this case I'm gonna have to make an exception since it's almost impossible not to spoil them. If you've watched one of them, you know what I'm talking about. So just trust me and all the other users who made this recommendation. They drama series with a twist to them. Madoka Magica is a magical girl anime with fine animation combining different styles which even though I thought was meaningless for the most part it was still pretty to look at. Bokurano's animation was more bland,   read more
report Recommended by -Rach
The setting is very similar. The idea is basically the same - people which have no choice (after signing the pact) but to fight for whole human race sake. In Bokurano, there are big robots (so it's more a sci-fi), in Madoka there are magic girls (so it's more a fantasy). Even the mysterious existences, which are coordinating their actions, are practically the same.
report Recommended by rsc-pl
Both shows feature a group of kids being tricked into signing a contract they shouldn't have, as well as an unscrupulous mascot character. Madoka is definitely better visually, while Bokurano is a much better character piece, but if you like one you'll likely appreciate the other.
report Recommended by bastard_of_young
It revolves around young people, who are lured into a game they should think about before joining. Both anime has unknown beings that seem to act like God, and hiding the crucial matter of what/who they are actually fighting, and what the costs are of these fights.
report Recommended by Kukker
Both are dark and psychological. They are about thoughtless kids signing a contract with an unknown living being and involving themselves with supernatural powers and getting into a very dark story.
report Recommended by _Maneki-Neko_
Both open seemingly tied to their genres; Magical Girl and Mech respectively. However, both take dark turns very quickly to a point where it makes you question whether "beating the bad guy" is really always the right thing to do. Also, they both have a child cast, which I guess is noteworthy given the content of both shows.
report Recommended by CombustibleLemon
- Both are deconstructions (Madoka of the magical girl genre and Bokurano of the mecha genre) -They get pretty depressing -In episode 11 of madoka, there is a reference to bokurano (the chairs) -Both are about children that get tricked into contracts
report Recommended by IDKMike
Madoka Magica is a magical girl series about some teenage girls who make a contract with a cute animal named Kyuubey. Sounds like your typical magical girl series, right? Wrong! The series takes a sudden dark turn. Similarly, Bokurano is about a group of middle school students who meet a mysterious man in a cave. This man, Kokopelli, asks the kids if they want to play a game he created. The game involves saving the world while piloting a meccha. The show also takes a dark turn.
report Recommended by Ameonna93
-Both are deconstructions (Madoka of the magical girl genre and Bokurano of the mecha genre) -They get pretty depressing. -In episode 11 of madoka, there is a reference to bokurano (the chairs) -Both are about children that get tricked into contracts
report Recommended by BrasTheBestCod