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When you watch a story, you want to see its hero struggle right? But sometimes, there are those stories where the hero fighting isn't the struggle, it's the world around him. Inferno Cop and Saitama never have to worry about losing a fight, but the absurd ways that the world treats them is what drives the humor and wonder of these shows.
report Recommended by IzzyHime
Both have crazy diverse characters and villains who are introduced without adding much to grand scheme of the story, parodying the superhero genre and tropes. The webcomic of One Punch Man has a similar feel to Inferno Cop as well. Both have some of the best animation in the business, Inferno Cop is slightly superior in this field though.
report Recommended by Jerkhov
Parody Funny as hell OP Main Character Retarded Monsters FUNNY AS HELL; Hahaha... Awesome voice acting I love Saitama & Inferno cop
report Recommended by Anirudh27
Parody. Taking on a theme and doing nothing but poking into what it gives is exactly what Inferno Cop and OPM do with themselves. Inferno Cop does that with this American style cop adventure. OPM does this with an overpowered hero. Both are great comedy anime though Inferno Cop has 3 min eps, compared to the normal OPM setup.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Talking about overpowered and unbeatable maincharacters. Exactly that's what makes both animes so good. In both animes you see a main character that has the whole world hating them while they just want justice and killing bad things. The feeling and humor is both shows is kind of the same so if you like one of the shows the other is a must watch.
report Recommended by Koendersss
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