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In Houseki no Kuni, the characters are under attack by a mysterious race of giants in the sky called "The Lunarians". The plight of people being randomly terrorized in a seemingly-peaceful community is alike to Attack on Titan. A show focused on the looming threat of brutish giants. The fighting styles are also very similar.
report Recommended by Bagel_Bro
They're both set in a distant future with naive main characters that simply want to know more about the world they live in. The overarching themes that come later in the series are similar too, at least in my opinion.
report Recommended by machuzka
Both shows present very interesting settings, and part of the fun is just learning about the world and its mysteries.
report Recommended by Kww_121
I would rather not spoil all of Attack on Titan but these shows can be strikingly similar when looked at closely. The enemies in Attack on Titan (the the titans) hold an unusual likeness to Houseki no Kuni's Lunarians. While at the same time both shows display similar themes of wanting to change, grow stronger, etc. Both protagonists seek out the truth of the unusual circumstances they live in.
report Recommended by apoostrophe
Both shows explore deep themes about existence and the struggle for survival against an invading force. These two series also feature similar main characters who end up alone against the world and the people they love the most.
report Recommended by Jobber56
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