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The art of brutality at its finest whether it's for a cause or just pure madness. Friendships are hard to find and trust is not easily earned. 'Akame ga Kill!' does not hold back regardless of the importance of a character so no one is safe which leads to an unprecedented sea of death. Justice and the fight for survival are just a few of the mere reflection presented in this cruel world. 'Shingeki no Kyojin' reflects on schemes and deception where a line could not be directly drawn between good and evil. The pursue for power is imminent and whoever got their hands dirty first   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Both animes are based in a historical (or in SnK's case, a historical-like) setting. They are both quite graphic, and both have a very similar look in terms of the setting (eg. the look of the cities, how they're both surrounded by walls, etc...). Both have a group of characters fighting their enemies, though AgK has a bit more of a medieval look overall. They also both contain shocking (frequently graphic) scenes that are often completely unexpected. One of those animes that if you liked one, you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by TsuruyaSonozaki
A boy joins an organized army, in order to fight against powerful enemies who are perpetrators of really bad times for him, his friends, and the normal people. The shows contain brutal massacres.
report Recommended by Disillusion
Go to for beautiful fights in a gritty medieval world. In both of these shows anyone can die, so if that's your dish, check them out one after the other.
report Recommended by IzzyHime
If you liked one of these series I am pretty sure you will like the other one too. I'll tell you why. First of all, both of these series center around fighting, sword fighting to be precise. The main characters both have to go through hell in order to become stronger because they want to protect what is dear to them. But in the harsh world they live in, that is not so easy... Be prepared to see a lot of bloodshed and emotional loses throughout the series...
report Recommended by Darkbow
If there’s one anime Akame Ga Kill has been compared to that will have to be Attack on Titan, where all the similarities rely on the violence and gore, the beautiful settings, the kill-anyone policy and other spoiler-y things.
report Recommended by Salamander2170
The overall atmosphere in both anime are very similar-- both about a shounen boy fighting for something that he wants/believes. Both series are fairly bloody, so if you enjoyed that aspect in one anime, then you will probably like the other. These anime also both have a pretty dark/despair feel to them; death, after all, is not a light subject. Akame Ga Kill has a big cast (Nightraid) and does a good job on focusing on each of the characters, while Attack on Titan also has a big cast from the different corps, it tends to focus more on the main three characters. Another difference is   read more
report Recommended by suitangi
They are both about killing, it both has violence, blood, and it will both make you cry. But if you are very used to gore, tragedy, blood and those stuff, Attack of Titan wouldn't make you cry too easily. But Akame ga Kill, if you haven't read any spoilers, it will definitely make you go crazy. (By saying crazy I mean crazy over characters) Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) has Giants that eat humans, and Akame ga Kill! has monsters and cool supernatural weapons called Imperial Arms. It also has an evil emperor, which makes you wanna see how the main characters defeat them.   read more
report Recommended by toukakaneki13
Action, drama, fantasy. They both have it. The main character's joined a group to safe the city from evil enemies. Oh, and get some tissues before watching!
report Recommended by kuruppoboy
These two anime both feature pointless deaths of characters who held no importance to begin with, in an attempt to be "edgy" and mature; only to end up failing miserably.
report Recommended by KirinKaton
-Both are very brutal and bloody -Both have characters that are pretty generic -Both have TONS of action and lots of death -Both have a medieval setting
report Recommended by thelectricow
This is an action-packed anime with a gripping storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat. it features intense battles, complex characters, and a strong focus on morality and justice.
report Recommended by FAKECROSS97
Akame ga Kill and Attack on Titan are both popular shounen anime with a main character fighting to protect their city. They also have a lot of blood and gore along with a dark plot and character deaths.
report Recommended by Xalvador789
They are both about killing, has violence, bloodshed, and they both will make you cry. SNK and Akame ga Kill are those anime which doesn't hold back. Both anime have the characters that are killed of without any hesitation no matter how much deep the connection they have with the audience, so be strong during watching it. I have 10/10 for both of them.
report Recommended by H_Lightstone
Both These anime have the characters that are killed of without any hesitation however deep the connection they have with the audience.
report Recommended by 00Lone_wolf00
AOT and Akame ga Kill are both dark fantasy action shounen that are dramatic and don't hold back on the violence of their stories. The main difference between the 2 shows are while AOT is grand in scale with huge armies and more complex plot Akame ga Kill has a more simpler plot with more colorful animation and characters.
report Recommended by Great_King20
A swift brutal truth. Akame ga Kill and Attack on Titan show no holding back to this subject, both stories present a fairly regular hero who has their views, dreams, values turned upside down by the disheartening reality that is of the world that they live in. MCs Tatsumi and Eren then enrol in their respective affiliations, the Night Raid and Survey Crops, in order to change the world's current state, to bring above, what was once a peaceful fantasy. Both good dark fantasies with AOT having a more military base, whilst AGK is about assassins.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Love introduced characters who develop overtime and get killed instantly? Then this show is perfect to fit your taste.
report Recommended by KermitSewerSide
They are similar in a way, both animes have (moderate) gore in it, they are the good guys but somewhat the villains too (some people in the anime think so) and they are both very beautiful animes (AOT has some great dynamic camera movements, AGK has a very well-made art style). So I personally think that if you enjoyed any of those two, you might like the other.
report Recommended by LeaOutLoud
both the anime shows have strong female lead and the character motivations are somewhat alike. once you get to know the characters you'll realize how much the characters from both the series are alike.
report Recommended by SainoAi-Kikako
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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