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Both have partners which are babies and the main character always gets into some sort of trouble. When I watched Beelzebub, it reminds me of Katekyo Hitman reborn in every aspect and vice versa.
report Recommended by Farhan879
As i was watching the show for the first time i immediately thought ti was a rip off of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! give or take the situation. you could also say that the responsibilities being pushed onto someone without wanting them is the same to. in both anime the humor is good but in Beelzebub it is allot better in my opinion. the biggest similarity though is with the baby characters in both (Lambo & Beel) i.e. also the electricity thing mostly, i think the idea was stolen.
report Recommended by FonFonKusaka
Both characters have super babies with them, and they also give them super powers...
report Recommended by CherryBlossom00
In both series, the main male protagonist has a 'partner' of sorts and they have a rather strange relationship. However, they do care about one and the other in various episodes as they deal with various conflicts. The main male protagonist holds responsibilities for their 'partner'. Both series has a lot of humor and takes place in a high school life. They both also contain a large character cast with characters of different personalities. There's plenty of action, drama, and humor especially involved in the words used in various dialogues.
report Recommended by Stark700
First off, these two animes are both extremely adorable and fun to watch. They are both action animes and are hilarious. They also both focus on a boy and a baby. The main characters are both "chosen" to be the main protagonist because of strength or in tsunas case family. They are both well written animes that deserved to be watch. I'm telling you they are exactly the same!! I just enjoyed Beezlebub a lot more. In reborn theres MUCH more action, but very dragged on! So, you choose!
report Recommended by plaingeneric
Both are really funny!! Both have Babies as MC, and they are AWESOME!! They are school life animes with a lot of action and a kind of super power...
report Recommended by xiliqs