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In both anime the main guy fights with fire. And also both main characters has a person that suports him and give him some advices in fights [for Tsuna it's the Arcobaleno Baby Reborn and for Natsu it's Happy the flying "cat"]. Also in Both Anime there is that "Powerfull" Person who wants to make something stronger, in Fairy Tail it's the Gilde and in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! it's the Family, and it doesn't even matter for him if it would take someones life. oh and doesn't remind you the name Natsu of some ultra cute lion that doesn' really look like a lion? ;P
report Recommended by Haruka-chan95
Fire, Ice, Thunder, Swords - Laughter, Friendship, Family, Loyalty All of these are an essential part that represent each Anime. The difference are the characters and the situation. Plus they both have lovable cute characters, KHR!(Reborn, Lambo, I-pin) and Happy ;) in Fairy Tail.
report Recommended by S-Blade
Both Tsuna and Natsu care for their friends who they call 'part of the family . Both of them try their best to maintain the happiness of their own family .
report Recommended by melody4132
Both animes are about a group of friends fighting and protecting each other. They have action, friendship, a little bit of humor and all kinds of different characters you fall in love with immediately.
report Recommended by flyingpardin
TSU-NA/NA-TSU They both care to what they believe, where they belong, and the people beside them.
report Recommended by zetsuboSensei
Both the animes are pretty similar. Both are long-stretched action-based animes. And both contain the same kind of protagonist.
report Recommended by flame728
Similarities: - Both have similar bonds between large groups of nakama - Natsu and Tsuna are main characters who fight with fire - Laxus and Mukuro - Makarov and Reborn are short guys who whip the main character into shape - Erza and Lal Mirch - Elfman and Ryohei are manly man who shout a lot and fight with their fists
report Recommended by Asfaria
Overlooked shounen. Natsu and Tsuna both have flame-related powers. There's a character names Natsu in each. Guilds here are like families in KHR.
report Recommended by ForeverFizz8
about a boy who have super powers and want to save his friends, both have fighting scene and comedy scene and love story a bit i guess, but i like khr better :)
report Recommended by KurooTetsu