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Hataraku Maou-sama!
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The great main characters in both animes are feel the same. The world that contains magic also very similar. And the comedy and action is great in both.
report Recommended by AvihayAnimes
Similar to how a devil works at mc Ronald's a god does some small time jobs in order to gain more power.
report Recommended by nachobear
Both of these titles have a mix of comedy and more serious themes. Both of them involve interactions between humans and being from other worlds/planes of existence. Both portray higher beings carrying out basic human jobs in order to further their life goals. And both have a fair share of action.
report Recommended by oooVasAooo
Both are about gods, who started living in earth meeting a human girl
report Recommended by lordadam
Both are about other worldly beings trying to make a living in the human world, and both have action comedy vibe to it. Hataraku maou sama has a more comedic and light hearted tone than noragami and both have likeable characters, an interesting world, and overall plot looming in the background.
report Recommended by Ketsubutsu31
-Similar humor -Both have action blended with slice of life -Both have some main characters gods and they get familiar with humans -Both of the main males are somewhat shallow and stupid but cheerful and lovable
report Recommended by atargider
The usual city setting with loads of comedy and actions sequence and both of these main chars get a lot of friends for the sake of fighting and they're both overpowered and neither of them are normal humans with a different past from usual
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
Both are funny stories, that deal with "otherworldly" people living with/around humans.
report Recommended by Bvern004
fantasy character in a reality setting figuring out the differences between them and the world they find themselves surrounded by, mostly lighthearted fun, short length
report Recommended by christred
Both have the same concept of a goofy guy living modern day Japan being something much more than human with a dark past. Maou and Yato are a bit alike and they just seem to have the same sort of feel. Mostly comedic with more action than I was expecting and a bit of implied romance. Overall, both great shows.
report Recommended by _kamikaze
Deities fighting each other, ton of laughs and a fun and serious plot ongoing. It is highly probable if you enjoy one of the series you will enjoy the other one.
report Recommended by Duo02
Yato and Maou are extremely similar protagonists. Their personalities are very similar, they're both working for small amounts of cash, and they both have large dreams/ambitions.
report Recommended by PaperCutAssassin
A dark past filled with violence and terror, gods such as Maou and Yato once lived life by exerting violence among others in order to accomplish their own means. However, fast-forward to the current time, Maou and Yato both display very different personalities from their past. Now seen as lazy, frisky, playful humans who approach things very lightheartedly often to their companion's dismay. Friendship becomes an important theme in both series as it establishes a lot of important relationships and bonds between the characters. As supernatural beings who interact with normal human beings, these series rely heavily on comedic aspects to portray the distinctive and   read more
report Recommended by Cat
Both main characters are very similar despite one being a god and the other Satan. Both are really funny & laid-back and it is humorous to see these deities do regular guy things like work at McDonalds or fulfill wishes for 5 yen worry about things like clothes and food. I would recommend these animes for anyone who just wants to take a break from story driven animes and watch something funny and not get too psychologically in depth. I personally think The Devil is a Part Timer is funnier but you can decide for yourself.
report Recommended by Lytework
Aprt from the fact that norigami is centerd around gods and spirits and hataraku maou sama! Is about the devil. The two anime plots differ quite a bit. However the blend of comedy, drama and a smidge of romance make both anime a must watch in my opinion.
report Recommended by UgokuUgoku
These two anime shares the personality of the protagonists.. yeah they`re both powerful but they are changed by people around them, yet, they might look weak and normal but beware! they cant still be defeated easily!
report Recommended by Kirokie
Similar mix of comedy and action genres
report Recommended by RinTheWeeaboo
Both MC have the touched of divinity. in "hataraku" he is the devilking while in "noragami" he is a demigod. both have romance. both really have a good and unique story.
report Recommended by Luuji222
- Both have a good mixture of comedy and action - Both deal with other worldly entities - Both involve real world issues
report Recommended by iwannaeat
both are about highly powerful beings struggling in human world
report Recommended by roanoke0
Very similar series! Similar characters, with similar relationships- I couldn't stop thinking of Noragami while watching Hataraku Maou-sama!, they were so similar. If you liked Hataraku Maou-sama! then you will like Noragami.
report Recommended by shweeb
-similar in terms of supernatural abilites -maou-sama was way funnier -still though yusa was very annoying i wanted to punch her every episode -cute ending
report Recommended by llamacakes
The story much deeper in Noragami, but the humor is pretty similar. Both have a male protagonist who should be evil because of his past but goes against all odds and decides to live a decent life. Also, both the female main characters are capable of defending herself. Noragami definitely a more interesting story, but if you would like to watch something a bit similar and entertaining then Hataraku Maou-sama is a good choice.
report Recommended by Puhapoci
Both of these are about non-human creatures (God/Devil) living a human life. Two short, comedic shows, both very enjoyable.
report Recommended by arikyo
- both have a powerful being who are extremely good at fighting but have to live a normal human city life since they're broke - both main characters are really ambitious and have similar personalities - both have a trusty friend who they are stuck with living with - both are mainly comedy which are able to slip in good action sequences
report Recommended by malicy
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