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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Eighty-Six is inspired by Code Geass. The plot is quite similar except for some differences in the plot. It's quite similar to how certain people are discriminated. If you enjoyed Code Geass, Eighty-Six is as enjoyable as Code Geass. The animation is amazing and sound tracks are amazing.
report Recommended by aluc35812
These anime talk about small militar groups in Countries fighting against big Empires, whose components are called by a number (Eighty-Six, Eleven), deprived of human rights and segregated. In both cases one of the inhabitants of the Country that has origins from non-segregated families sympathises for the numbers and helps them fight giving orders from remote. There is mecha, Code Geass’ one is drawn while 86’s one is in CGI, and in both cases it’s excellently animated.
report Recommended by stxynite
Both are Sci-Fi anime that heavily focus on the themes of empires, domination, segregation and revolution during times of war. 86 appears to be inspired by Code Geass.
report Recommended by blondedzero
Both are war dramas with occasional fanservice and offer ‘alternative’ reality stories about oppressed people. They may or may not be offensive to viewers who are looking for historical relevance.
report Recommended by IshigamiCrisis
- Both have the same subject of war in robots that you can control - Both involve a lot of politics - Both have a place that's superior and one thats weak
report Recommended by joshyyy-kun
Both are mecha sci-fi anime : Both have a "dominant" and "subservient" class as well.
report Recommended by InfamousCrown
* It has racism and war * Both are mecha anime with good action * Both have a cool mc * both have good fanservice
report Recommended by youwantsauce
Both shows have mechas, racism and politics. If you enjoyed one of these shows, then you will most likely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Onies
If you really enjoyed code geas then 86 might be for you.
report Recommended by Mashal166