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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Youjo Senki
both anime tells about overpowered main character leading his/her troop winning combat after combat. both anime pay enough attention to the strategy of war. both main character also has this darkish feeling background.
report Recommended by sora2eugene
Both feature something very similar - an overpowered main character that is fighting the whole world and God. The story line involves an alternative historical sci fi version of earth, where is armed conflict going on aka world wars. Their iconic characters are pretty much alike both in mentality and in their actions and decisions. Both are overpowered and defeating their enemies very easy. Youjo Senki being an isekai won't matter as the isekai setting is just a plot device used in the introduction of the character somehow, but I find it that it does not impact the story too much in order to be   read more
report Recommended by SeekingWaylander
Both are set in an empire at war Mc happens to be in the loosing side i.e untill the mc arrives Badass mc and are smart great war Mc goes crazy once in a while
report Recommended by Hydrous
Both the protagonists have a Realist perspective on war and human nature, both are extremely intelligent and rational. Both anime's haven given me both philosophical and retrospective views on humanity. Both freaking amazing!!!!
report Recommended by LexiMexu
-Both feature semi-simmilar lowkey crazy intelligent antigonist -Both include superpowers. -In both worlds there is war going on It has /some/ of Code Geass atmosphere to it. I'll update once the story progresses but so far I'd recommend you go watch CG if you haven't already.
report Recommended by Welperooni
- a protaganist bent on revenge by all means, whatever the consequences. - potentially super-OP powers that require intellect and planning to use properly - early battles almost fun as so OP, but they did work to get that OP, and odds slowly stack up to even more spectacular contents of skill and intellect - just a great blend of fun, OP, growing scope leading to epic scale odds for every conflict (think R1 vs R2, Youjo Senki season 1 showing same signs)
report Recommended by damascus90
Evil MC who is tactical and strategist. Using mecha gadgets. Fighting other nations to achieve peace in their own point of view.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince