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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
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Zankyou no Terror
Main things that make these two animes similar are the protagonists being genius like anti-heros, with a major theme being terrorism. Also, both animes have another strong character with differing values with the main character, hence fighting against the them. I think there are a lot of hidden metaphors in both animes, and they both explore deeper notions and emotions as the story progresses. There is a lot of action, strategic planning, girl characters that don't do much, long legged skinny guys as the mains...but they're still pretty cool... Zankyou no Terror is not finished at the time of making this recommendation, but I am   read more
report Recommended by snkwings
Both have very well thought out and executed attacks with a mix of romance and tragedy
report Recommended by spookey1456
The main characters are in high school and both series attempt to explore "terrorism" as a means to an end.
report Recommended by citizen169
Both have an intelligent main that is a terrorist. Both go to high school. Both have a mysterious past. Both have large physiological warfare.
report Recommended by sssss23232324
Similar vibe and feel. Both deeply controversial and psychological shows. Perfect for those who love battles using strategies and thinking as opposed to physical strength, etc.
report Recommended by anobaka
Though the goals of the MCs of both series are different they try to achieve these through a common means: terrorism. Both shows present us with cunning protagonists who blow up things for a cause. These anime have properly executed plots and characters with ideals that often clash throughout the series. Code Geass and its sequel balances serious scenes with light-hearted moments but Zankyou is mostly dark and serious.
report Recommended by ALLONA
Both have something like Terrorist (in case of Code Geass rebellious ) group , that attack the city (the whole country in Code Geass) , they both have masterminds, the MC in both have their names unknown. Zankyou no Terror is more of a psychological battle (with some bombing) , while Code Geass is more strategic fights and action orientated.
report Recommended by Rawa_Rauf
They are similar in term of terrorism. However, Geass is less similar in term of contemporary terrorist and sabotage techniques used, as well as the plot. But these are all involving some kind of conspiracy behind, and how their actions made them being labelled as "terrorists" and "anti-heroes"
report Recommended by TetraContraman
In this day and age how can you spend your time better than watching violant acts of blatent terrorism? Zankyou No terror is about two kids playing with fire... And a nuclear explosion... You know, the normal things teenage boys do. It is a good story, as it involves these two kids trying to send a message to the public, all the while they evade being caught by Americans... Oh, and there are sme Japanese police, I guess. Code Geass is about people fighting for independance from The Empire of Brittania, which controls the North and South American continents (with a bit of other land). These people   read more
report Recommended by juliuscaesar387