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doing what's best for the world is the aim in both.. in death note using a note to get rid of criminals, in Higashi no Eden there is a mobile phone that grants any wish for it's carrier.. and they both have some rules that makes it more like a game.. they also share that there is a companion with each one (shinigami in death note, and juiz in HNE)
report Recommended by yumiche
Both have a kind of cat and mice plot. Both of them is about being a kind of a "god" and about trying to change the world. The both includes apples, too! The two are fantastic, and you should watch both.
report Recommended by Charbutsu
Main chracters can change world in their own way, also they have special things that grant wishes - in DN it's a note and in Higashi it's a mobile phone
report Recommended by doorotka
Both are about a teenager suddenly gets the power to change Japan with a power they received. Both are epic.
report Recommended by nospr
So if you were given a chance to change the world would you use it? Even if it meant people would die for your cause? Both series involves several groups facing off against each other in a life or death game to find out whose form of justice will prevail.
report Recommended by defected_monkey
There are phones that will do anything you request, even kill someone, like the book in Death Note. The story is equally good in both, definitely a must watch!
report Recommended by Altius
The guy who is called Akira in Eden of the East has some similarities to the characters in Death Note, it obviously nods to the other series when Akira points his finger and says bang and I think he sits in a chair similar to L once too. His character is like a blend of Light and L in a way, he has this cellphone which can do anything, while in Deathnote the notebook of course is the magical object. In Deathnote, the Shinigami is behind the scenes while in Eden of the East there is a strange organization   read more
report Recommended by inzaratha
Both anime's main character has been granted the power to change the world one way or another
report Recommended by SnowLife
These two anime are so different, it's scary. However, they both start with the same premise, and if you liked either of them for that reason, then the other one is for you. They both begin with the thought that, given enough power, one person can change the entire world. However, the main characters in these anime go in opposite directions. They both end up making themselves the villain, but one does it in order to save everyone. The other is just a villain to begin with. If you like the premise of one, the other one is for you.
report Recommended by leaveit2me
Both won't make the world a better place to live,finding hidden opponent and obeying the rules of the game.
report Recommended by SasoriUzumaki
Despite Death Note being much more sinister the concept of the Death Note itself serves a purpose very similar to Juiz and the Selecao cell phones in Higashi No Eden. Essentially both Light and the Selecaos are given power to give commands thanks to these objects and although Light starts out using the Death Note to be righteous and god-like in his murderous decisions he becomes insane. In Higashi No Eden however there are more than one Selecao and they all use their cell phones in different ways despite the purpose of being given them is to become a "savior" of Japan and use them   read more
report Recommended by Hstar
Eden of the East and Death Note are two suspenseful shows in which mind games between characters play a big part in the story. In both shows, a young man is given a tremendous power, with which he has the ability to change the world to how he sees fit. Along the way, he meets opponents he has to slyly outsmart in order to continue his plan. While Eden of the East has more mystery to it, and Death Note better suspense, I feel that if you liked one of these series, the other will definitely appeal to you!
report Recommended by PTR2013
Everyone want to savior though, that is difficult thing. If you're not normal human, that's something else. Both are philosophical theme. Almost characters act in accordance with their idea. Amazingly prudent. You don't know what will happen to their story. Or can't imagine. Such a full of mysterious. Prepare for mental. I'll talk both protagonists. Light and Takizawa seems commonplace handsome guys. But they are very strong in every way. The matter always consist of their wisdom. So they have absolute self‐confidence. For a certain purpose. Both have very intelligent dialogues. Keep someone from being bored. Way too interesting contents. Setting also utilized well. Many technical term appears, and easy to   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Like Death Note, not much really happens in this anime that's action oriented. It's mostly the characters and the story that drives the show, so if you like that in your anime, this show should be a good, short viewing for you.
report Recommended by Jay-Tookie