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Mysteries, dark settings, detectives..If you liked Death Note you might like Kuroshitsuji, though it's not that serious and a more funny setting. (There are Shounen-Ai hinted themes in Kuroshitsuji, so for the LxLight shippers, you can get your moments in Kuroshitsuji too)
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
both are very dark and sinister with one havin more comedy but they are both awesome so try em
report Recommended by sarcastic_neon
Well, they both involve demons and in Death Note Light-kun tries to rid the world of evil, and become the ruler. In Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian is a demon butler who signs a contract to help Ciel get revenge on those who caused him pain and humiliation. These two two stories are not that similar, but have a great theme to it. Both dark, mysterious, and romantic. I recommend seeing Kuroshitsuji first since it has a sequel.
report Recommended by KonekoMeow
They're both dark. Monster is also similar. But I think Death Note is so unique, it can't really be compared to anything. I hate when people say that Code Geass and Death Note are alike, cause they're NOT! They're so different. Light is justice. Lelouch isn't.
report Recommended by LiYamagami
Both have a dark and mysterious atmosphere with a vengeance theme. Both main characters are immature brats, though Death Note is far more psychological than Kuroshitsuji. There are BL undertones to Kuroshitsuji.
report Recommended by Nutti
Both have hot guys, pretty art, mystery, dark themes,and death gods/demons with a master
report Recommended by Kawaiimikichan2
Both anime have a gothic art feel to them, and have darker atmospheres than many other anime.
report Recommended by SapphireSonoda
They may not seem so similar at first, but: -The relationships are similar (Sebastian is bound to Ciel by a contract, Ryuk is bound to Light in a similar way.) -Both involve supernatural entities (Sebastian and Ryuk/shinigami) -Both include shinigami -Both MC's have detective-like roles -Both MC's have blonde, over-caring girlfriends (Lizzy/Elizabeth and Misa) -Neither MC are doing particularly good or particularly bad things (Light does what he sees as justice, while Ciel seeks revenge, doing what benefits him) -Ciel is similar to L, as well was Light (Ciel is the successor of his family, while 'L' is more of a title than a name, and has successors waiting [Near   read more
report Recommended by Shanayaaa
Aside from the fact that they are both anime, these are very similar. Both have a dark feeling to it, but theses moments that you just want to laugh out loud. They also both have somebody trying to accomplish something. The main characters, Ciel and Light both have that sense of determination and the feeling of hatred. They are different ages but that aside, act the same. The one thing is that Death Note has the dark feeling the whole thing, while Kuroshitsuji has a few carefree moments. If you like Death Note, you'll LOVE Kuroshitsuji!
report Recommended by starsonia913
Both of them are (somewhat) darker, have a supernatural kinda deal going on, a non-human character who hangs around the main character and isn't quite good or evil, some mystery/detective themes, shinigami, clever and well-respected main characters, and blonde-haired girlfriends who just want to make the main character happy. In Death Note, Ryuk has a relationship with Light that is kind of similar to Sebastian's relationship with Ciel. They aren't exactly good, but they aren't evil either. While Sebastian does assist Ciel and follow his orders, he is only doing so because of their contract (which is meant to benefit Sebastian); this is similar to Ryuk's   read more
report Recommended by kidpix
The main characters in both, Death Note and Kuroshitsuji, get something supernatural to their lives (Light finds a death note and Ciel gets a "one hell of a butler") and they use those things to achieve their personal goals. Both series also feature death gods (shinigami) that play quite an important role as the plot thickens. Death Note and Kuroshitsuji both have this dark atmosphere (although that is relieved a little bit by the means of comedy in Kuroshitsuji) which is caused by devious plotting and it just sucks the viewer in.
report Recommended by JakklL
I think that they are both brilliant shows, I haven't read the manga yet, but I'm hoping to by the next month or so. I believe that that are very similar and they sort of have the same aspects even though one is about an anonymous guy who kills villans and one's about a demon butler and ciel and how they solve crimes and do things together. I'm not sure what it is but the two shows are similar in some way.
report Recommended by MiaaKawaii
Not too similar but both have a psychological feel and a sort of supernatural presence to them. While death note focuses mainly on the kind of light yagami and how he uses his power of the death note to meet his end goal of becoming the new worlds god, ciel more of uses the power of his ever obeying Butler to seek revenge for those who killed his parents, both are thoroughly enjoyable and more mature in nature with black Butler having a more comedic and light hearted tone at times. I regard both animes highly.
report Recommended by AnimeDefector