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A battle of brains between two very smart characters. We see things from both sides, and are able to understand their way of thinking. They both focus on human inequality and injustice, good and evil, and the value of human life.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Moriarty and Death Note are similar in the fact that both anime focus on main protagonists with noble goals about improving the world, who end up using crime as a means to achieve those goals. In this regard, both anime deal with themes of morals and justice in an interesting and thought-provoking way, avoiding a black-or-white sense of morals in favor of a more nuanced storytelling.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Kira vs L / Moriarty vs Holmes concept of judging criminals Smart rivals
report Recommended by Nour_Che
As both protagonist dream of the perfect world by eliminating people and taking law in their own hands
report Recommended by Realdeal32
Both feature a back and forth mind game between the two main characters. Morirarty was a treat during the fall season and there is the second half coming out this spring!
report Recommended by RiesesPieces13
-Both series have smart main characters, that are in a league of their own. -In Death Note, L tries to find out who is behind the murders/ In Yuukoku no Moriarty Holmes tries to find out who is the mastermind behind the murders. -Death Note's protagonist, Light Yagami kills thiefs in search of a better world/ Yuukoku no Moriarty's protagonist, William James Moriarty kills nobles, trying to change the corrupted world where he lives in.
report Recommended by -AlexL-
Both of the main characters are extremely intelligent and are attempting to change aspects of the world even if it means killing another being. The antagonist is equally as intelligent and are attempting to catch the criminal who is the main character.
report Recommended by Foolishweeb
a battle of two very intelligent minds. they try to make the world a better place, although through violent ways
report Recommended by 3rza
2 geniuses, great plot, best new gen and i think that’s it’s more enjoyable than death note so please check it out
report Recommended by furutta
Anime is based on the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle (who created the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes). William and Light are very similar, both willing to kill people if it means purifying the world of people who cause harm to society. Sherlock Holmes is like L as they are both trying to find out who is killing people around their countries.
report Recommended by maryinke
- Both the mcs live in an evil world/society. - Both do evil to get rid of evil to make the society better. - In both shows, the protagonist and antagonist have really high IQ and are in the league of their own. - Both have good and interesting plot. - Also the cast of yuukoku no moriarity is the same as of Sherlock Holmes.
report Recommended by awaisahmed
Very similar protagonists, with the same purpose. Both (criminals) want to clear the world from evil, becoming evil themselves.
report Recommended by agiosvivianos
Main character is merciless and intelligent. He tries to make life better for good people by using his knowlege and abilities in radical way
report Recommended by karlorenn
both feature a protagonists using morally questionable methods to improve society who both avoid getting caught by the great detective antagonist
report Recommended by coffeejellystan
Same vibe Trust me, the fight between this two characters is just like L and Lights. And I love it !
report Recommended by Bunny198
the way William acts and how they want to change the world, they have good ideals and are good characters.
report Recommended by Dettol123
Both involve 2 characters who use mind games to fight each other. Both stories have protagonists who are anti-heros as well as trying to figure out who the other person is.
report Recommended by MorgzlsVeryBored
cat and mouse chase between two extremely intelligent inviduals; main characters are considered the villains of the story and have similar morals and mindsets
report Recommended by addermer
Death Note and Yuukoku no Moriarty both are criminal shows, where main characters of are trying to change the world by killing bad people. Also, protagonists and antagonists in both shows are extremely smart.
report Recommended by Jago123386225
1. The protagonist acts as an antagonist 2. Clash between two brains 3. both are well written and have interesting side characters. 4.This anime is worth your time Give it a go Gambare
report Recommended by AnimePurgatory
1. Two folks with high iQ that are having an intellectual fight. 2. The main caracter is the villain of the story. 3. They are pretty much friends. 4. The story is about eradicating something dark from our society.
report Recommended by Magda-y
Both of the series include very smart characters.Both anime focus on main protagonists with noble goals about improving the world, who end up using crime as a means to achieve those goals. Thank me later ;)
report Recommended by weeb-ish
both have a ‘good side’ and a ‘bad side’ but both sides are right and wrong. (William and Sherlock and light and l) both have really likeable characters and is a mystery. There is also lots of tension between the two mcs lol.
report Recommended by dazedoo
Intelligent main characters Battle of wits People ready to change the world through evil means
report Recommended by troilus_05s
-Both mc are anti heroes -Both are big brain they are just so similar go watch it
report Recommended by Killuablaze
Both follow highly intelligent anti-hero protagonists who rid the world of bad people by killing them. The genius antagonists in both are also just as likeable and interesting as the protagonists. In both series, the battles of wits and elaborate plots are quite fun to watch.
report Recommended by Hooman1130
- Both series revolve around an anti-hero protagonist. - Both protagonists wish to change the world by immoral means. - The protagonist and the primary antagonists face each in a battle of wits. - Both lack major-action and rely most on mental battle royale.
report Recommended by FervidJubatus
Both mcs (Light and William) try to make the world better. But it doesn't go as easy because of the the other mc (L and Sherlock) are also very smart and try to find out who is behind all the k*lling. Both very intersting storys and caracters!
report Recommended by Star1309
Even though a completely different setting, they both have very similar energies between the antagonist and the protagonist. While both follow their own sense of justice and try to outsmart each other. I think they feel pretty similar and have a similar writing style.
report Recommended by Schlong01
Both main characters have similar psychology. It is practically another Death Note without Death Note. I highly recommend watching both. You will not be disappointed. Both have a strong psychological view of a story that confuses the viewer that which side they should root for.
report Recommended by PR0TAKU
Both focus on the theme of justice and mind games in similar ways
report Recommended by SuguruLover
Riddles, of course. In both series we have a war of two great minds, you don't know who to cheer for! The main character is a riddle... Antagonist or Protagonist?
report Recommended by coravline
Both of them are about Punishing criminals with a smart main character Its highly similar to death note
report Recommended by FuriousMovies23
Craving for another battle of wits between two morally ambiguous 'heroes'? Moriarty the Patriot is a re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes' story, where the two main characters clash in a battle of wits while navigating the murky waters of 'morality' in their own way. One has just ideals and reasons but questionable means while the other albeit heroic in the traditional sense has more selfish reasons for his heroic conduct. If you're feeling empty after finishing Death Note and want your next fix of non-tradtional heroes striving towards their goals one mind game at a time look no further!
report Recommended by shonenTrashKun
MC is an anti-hero who will do anything for 'justice', in this case, the 'justice' is the destruction of England's aristocracy system. A genius detective is hunting the MC down. It's deathnote set in 20th century England.
report Recommended by vertheca
Would definitely recommend this series if you like death note! (No spoilers) -both tell a compelling story of wit and tactics -a lot of morals here come into play much like death note -in my opinion it also gives that same thrill when you watch death note and it being based off the original sherlock holmes makes it even better you get to see a different point of view Overall this series is just amazing as well! I'd say it's like death note but in a historical time period in a way :)
report Recommended by chlorinelamp_
Main characters are antiheroes, they both commit crime hoping to create a better world (the end justify the means-idea), and both stories have 'good' detectives wanting to stop these antiheroes.
report Recommended by RaviDavi
Both feature a genius protagonist who wants to change the world and a genius oponent who works to catch him, its also a very interesting reinterpretation for anyone who likes Sherlock Holmes
report Recommended by Queij0_
Both anime portray a young morally complex mastermind who sets out his plan to change the world for the better in his own way of understanding it. Such plot naturally leads to his confrontation with the law and the current world order resulting in an intelectual contest, a cat and mouse chase, between him and his lawful nemesis. If you liked either of the series, I have little doubt you will enjoy the other too. Nevertheless, they both differ significantly. First, Light (Death Note) is rather self-centered and expresses a clear desire to change the world so he can be on top of it. On   read more
report Recommended by Daritha42
• Both story contains insanely smart and evil protagonists where they want to make the world a better place • Both story also has another smart mc a.k.a the good antagonist who wants the stop the protagonists evil action • Both are Mystery , Shounen anime you have high chance of enjoying
report Recommended by Makimasd0gg0
both Mc of these series are two mastermind behind all of it is full of clever thoughts. they also have their own rivals. Tricky plans, bloodshed, pursuit for perpetrators, are things that always color the two of them.
report Recommended by MrFrostbite
Before I get into my similarities, I consider this show to be very similar to Death Note just without the supernatural aspects. 1) Both shows have a main character that's somewhat a detective. Light and Moriarty both being consultants or somewhat similar. 2) Both are absolutely smart and come up with plans to ensure their victory. 3) Both characters have equally smart "antagonistic" force that is chasing after them trying to take them down. 4) Both are the "villains" of their story. 5) Both shows explore the line between what's right and what's wrong.
report Recommended by LetsJustTalk
The shows follow a similar plot. The main character wants to reform society by purging the problem that corrupts it. Throughout the story both characters are being tailed by a sharp-witted detective that wants to solve their case. Both characters are fantastically designed, the side characters for both anime's are loveable and Moriarty the Patriot all around feels like the Victorian successor to Death Note.
report Recommended by mystakee
well, they both have big brains mc and there is a rivalry between a criminal and a detective.
report Recommended by iopcion90
Both contain very intelligent characters fighting with each other. The protagonist is killing 'bad people' to create a perfect world. The antagonist is a detective trying to stop and uncover them.
report Recommended by weraaa
Both mystery anime, main characters are motivated by similar things, but Liam solos, he's not a stupid wh*re with a god complex, or an ugly little rat twerking or something on someone's grave. Light's so ugly if he looked in mirror he would write his own name in the Death Note
report Recommended by lainpilled_
both protagonists want to ''cleanse'' the world by making criminals disappear
report Recommended by Miuyri
The MC's are incredibly intelligent. Both MC's are on a mission to create a new world on a noble cause and use crime and death to eradicate a certain group of people to purify the world. I conclude that both anime are mysterious and has a very interesting plot.
report Recommended by Eeniechan
it's kind of like the same dynamic between L and Light, but with the literal Sherlock homes and a criminal genius. Plus this man will plan out to kill noblemen to reform their society to a more just world, where everyone was treated equally. Honestly a really good watch, but you can see the similarities just by that short description lol
report Recommended by CheesyDemon
Cat and mouse detective game, twists your perception of good and evil and the embodiment of them.
report Recommended by KitInnit
-They show an interesting vision about X thing -Master Minds -Has Drama, Action and Mystery -Good animation and music
report Recommended by ionelHeredia
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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