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Tokyo Ghoul
Protagonist non-intentionally stumbles upon a supernatural power. The power poses a danger for mankind and the protagonist (as well as other "ghouls" in Tokyo Ghouls) must avoid a police-like group.
report Recommended by aSoyMilk
These amazing animes are just spectacular! They giv eyou that moment when your actually frighten or astonished of what just happened. In tokyo ghoul, a boy sets off knowing that he has to feed off other humans and that he is no longer a human. Such ttragedy and unexpected even which relate to horro, leads to a strong and scary ending! Have fun!
report Recommended by JennieKim
Both include a lot of heavy suspense and anxiety just five minutes into the first episode up to the ending.
report Recommended by _mow_
This anime is dark and has the concept of the anti-hero as well it provides scenes of gore.
report Recommended by Zamzim
Broken forever. Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul have an interesting similarity in that both MCs are students whose humanity breaks as their world and perspectives change forever. Death Note is not literal in this sense but with Light's god complex and serial killing, it becomes apparent that he loses his sense of humanity. Tokyo Ghoul is literal with Kaneki psychically becoming a ghoul, now having to survive as one. Both MCs also have a supernatural weapon with them. Both are good mystery anime with Tokyo Ghoul including action and gore, though Death Note plays with mind games and incredible rivalry.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Great world-buiding!Dark fantasy!Mysteryr!If you want to see animes with these genres then Death note and Tokyo ghoul have done a good job in handing these elements.Both of these animes totally depends on the viewer who is right and who is wrong.The world-building is outstanding.In Death note the mc thinks that he is right and the police thinks that Light is wrong.In Tokyo ghoul the ghouls think that humans are bad and humans think that ghouls are bad.So it totally depends on the viewer's perspective to decide who is right and who is wrong.You'll love both of these animes.
report Recommended by Scordolo