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Kanon (2006)
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Kanon (2006)
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ef: A Tale of Memories.
In some ways both are very similar, but, at the same time, there are quite a few differences. If you enjoy the dramatical and yet mystical romantic aspect of Kanon, you'll definitely find that in Ef- tale of memories. The difference probably lies in Ef's abstractly artistic animation and split storyline that follows the romance of three separate relationships.
report Recommended by AegisReborn
The story is nothing special but how they tell the story is the factor that made them both intense. Ef is composed of 3 mixed tales. One of those three would be very similar to Kanon. Memories-the thing that makes the story of Ef and Kanon running. In Kanon, the characters suffers some kind of amnesia spells which makes them forget things that happened long ago and Ef brought this memory thingy to a whole new level...
report Recommended by ziakra
Well... in Kanon.. it's basically about this boy who starts to re-gain his memories from a long time ago.... soo they're both about well... memories >.< *sweating* Uhh.. they're both AWESOME shows!!! Both are dramas and they have serious romance things going on... They are both harem Animes that get a bit intense at times... and they both have great art ^^ And that's really all I have to say about them... I definitely think that if you lieked Ef then you HAVE to check out Kanon... they're pretty similar and they are both really moving and deep but funny and romantic and stuff at times too...   read more
report Recommended by StabbyPWNS
Kanon and ef are both visual novel adaptations, and they both share similar melodramatic themes involving romance - and more often than not, tragic romance. Kanon feels more like a typical harem setting (though there's no fanservice and the plot is logical), while ef goes with a two-sided story, featuring a love triangle similar to KimiKiss AND a tear-jerking story similar to what one would expect from Key adaptations. Both shows are dramatic, and both are likely to drag more than enough emotion out of you by the time you're through with them.
report Recommended by _eternal
Both of these animes are beautiful in regards to story, music, animation and romance. ef is slightly complicated and harder to pick up than Kanon, but if you watch both you will understand me when I say that they both have a particular deepness to them. Both animes are thought provoking, dream like and pay attention to the surroundings of the characters in great detail.
report Recommended by SpaceHoliday
Both of these anime have very dramatic, heartwrenching and wonderful storylines with a fantastic line up of characters. Also both have very good art styles.
report Recommended by Riptos
one word: beautiful
report Recommended by tthammy
Amazing wintry landscapes and fantastic music is shared between these two series. Once you get acclimated to the animation style, you will enjoy enjoy the romance and drama from this series. The main difference is the different romances between many of the characters rather than being focused around a single character.
report Recommended by KawaiiLilBunny