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Bungou Stray Dogs
-Opposing groups of people with special powers. -Clueless white-haired protagonist joins forces with the supernatural, only to discover something special about himself too. -Very glossy and colourful scenery art. -Decent fight animation. -Typical anime slapstick humour. -Large casts, meaning characters don't receive much development. -No deep themes or plots, fitting for shallow entertainment.
report Recommended by whither
The relationship between the Reds-Blues and the Armed Detective Agency-Port Mafia are similar. Both, while trying to defeat the other, don't show decisive action to finish the other. Both include a character who has switched from the more violent group to the more policing group. Of course the powers people have are completely different, both anime are worth watching
report Recommended by Silver-King
This both are super power and supernatural's anime. Also, they have mistery and action. Some seiyuus share both animes, like Mamoru Miyano (Dazai, on BSD, Saruhiko, on K) or Jun Fukuyama (Ango, on BSD, Misaki, on K).
report Recommended by AbbyYata
Both shows give a same sort of feeling (though Bungou's is more mature, darker, and deeper). Both are about different groups fighting each other and have supernatural / magical powers. The Blue group is similar to the agency. The Red is similar to the Port Mafia. While the two are fighting, a new enemy shows up and the two groups have to join forces to fight the new enemy.
report Recommended by ShionAster
I have no reason to recommend this other than the fact that everyone I know who likes K is also in love with Bungou Stray Dogs and that's saying a lot because I know a lot of people who love K. Those are the facts bros.
report Recommended by SectOfLocals
what's common on both of these series: Supernatural Factions Male Dominant Cast Banger OP's
report Recommended by Vic5
Both are gang/mafia-related animes, enjoyable to read as it has elements of comedy and drama in it!
report Recommended by annaachung
Bungou Stray Dogs is one of my favourite shows and after watching K it felt kind of similar. They both have a white haired protag that finds out a secret about themselves and get caught up in a battle between two groups. The clans in K are quite similar to the groups in Bungou stray Dogs. The red clan is like the port mafia, they are violent and on the criminal side. The blue clan is alot like the Armed Detective Agency. They are there to protect people and are more ethical. There's also a similar dynamic with them. Although they are   read more
report Recommended by rantaros_toes
Similar themes presented in both anime that both venture around the setting of a gang vs gang type of ordeal with the superpowers/action bits along with it.
report Recommended by Ruthless_1