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Sukitte Ii na yo.
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Sukitte Ii na yo.
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Both are about romance, friendship, teenage years, and both really enjoyable anime.
report Recommended by YinLamperouge
Taking place in a school life environment, both series represent classic shoujo with its cast of characters. The main female protagonist has a complex relationship with the main male protagonist. Throughout both series, there are obstacles that tests their relationship as well. The female protagonist also makes friends with others but suffers from a lack of confidence on occasions. They also get ostracized by certain friends as result of the relationships she develops with others. Recommended for fans of romance/shoujo. Ao Haru Ride has more comedy while Sukitte li no yo conveys more drama.
report Recommended by Stark700
*A shoujo anime *Building love between characters *Makes friends *Similar to typical school life romance both have a well handsome/good looking/cute male/female that falls head over heels for them *Amazing art style *Funny/comedic *A popular manga turning into another wonderful anime! *Rivalry between people whether it is love or friendship
report Recommended by Fellika
Similar characters and art style, the main plot revolves around the romance between two high schoolers. Very drama heavy, but has many cute moments.
report Recommended by FandorSoul
-Both are Romance and Slice of Life in school -Both has likable art that doesn't disturb the eye -Both have that comedy side to them -Both girls have the innate feeling that they are head over heels for the guy -Both are a regular high school romance story -Both really are great manga and anime
report Recommended by Kocari
Obvious recommendation is obvious. Ao Haru Ride has the same exact mood Sukitte Ii na yo has. It's quaint with a little bit of comedy, but is dramatic and depicts what relationships are like.
report Recommended by Muses
Sukitte Ii na yo and Ao Haru Ride are not completely similar, however they do have some things in common. For example: -Both take place around a school setting -Have similar art/animation -Both of the main characters face hardship in their relationship -Characters learn how to love/care for someone. If you like cheesy romance stuff, these are anime you must watch! :)
report Recommended by Meigetsu
Both anime have this school romance thing going on, with a cute guy and a "complicated" girl who keep pushing the guy away. Both anime have lovable characters that you just cannot start to love, but at the same time, both of the anime got this girl in the main role, who can be a little bit annoying. But overall, both are hella amazing, and if you have seen one of them, then you would totally love the other one.
report Recommended by Katorine
The romance between the two cannot be judged. The Romance development between both of these is amazing, if you enjoyed the High school romance setting in Say i Love you with the Ups and Downs then you will also enjoy Ao Haru Ride, both similar and different with there own developments and twists.
report Recommended by Toshi_
As Ao Haru Ride, Sukitte li na yo is a sweet romance story. I really enjoyed it and I really recommend it, specially because it has more romance scenes than ao haru. It has an emotional backstory and a happy romantic end.
report Recommended by April4sugar
Two amazing and touching shows. Both Sukitte Ii na yo and Ao Haru Ride: - Are shoujo. - Have cool and relaxing atmosphere. - Involve the process of making friends and adapting to school life. - Explore the romance between the main characters.
report Recommended by Caronte
They are both romance anime, I'd say that because I watched Ao haru ride I found Sukitte li na yo pleasing to watch as it was a smooth transition and filled my need for more of the love Ao haru ride couldn't give me in it's ending.
report Recommended by Rabbittloser