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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
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both main girl characters are very similar in terms of lacking in social skills but is very talented and lonely. Both are dead pan but also funny and lovable, delievering some very good dry humour. Both deals with themes of being talented viewed from the perspective of the genius and the untalented. Both has a good balance of romance, comedy and drama
report Recommended by PoLoBreak
Both are kinda RomCom like, and are about highschoolers dealing with life. Gives you that fuzzy feeling deep down.
report Recommended by Yuki_Ookami
They're really great and deep shows. Both hits the viewer with the difficulty of being part of a society, which wait the right moment to eat you. Sometimes we're not enough, other times we can make it. Sakurasou and ReLife are like a train of emotions, positive and negative, that hits you in the face: they make you laugh, cry and think. If you enjoyed Sakurasou, try Re:Life!
report Recommended by Franken-sama
Central theme/focus of both anime is normal people going through normal life dealing with normal people problems. They are both extremely realistic in their depiction of high school students, to the point that it may frustrate some viewers. Frequently, characters will face set backs or problems, they won't know how to fix it, and will make it even worse for themselves. Often, problems will not be solved in one or two episodes, and some underlying tensions can linger or build up for over half a season. These issues are never dismissed, and always explored fully, meaning that not every solution will be successful, and no   read more
report Recommended by Mac97
-Both are centered around a high school group of friends -Characters are extremely similar, especially with their relationships -Both are very involved with the future of the students
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both shows have a Kuudere heroine in a high school setting and both have similar drama and comedy elements.
report Recommended by Tuvokfan