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Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo
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~~~MILD SPOILERS!!~~~ Please do not read if you feel that this may affect your enjoyment of either anime. You have been warned! Well, in a sense, the main 2 protagonists of Kousei and Kaori are somewhat similar to Sorata and Shiina of Sakurasou. Albeit, Sorata goes through his "transformation" whilst trying to reach what he feels to be a sense of "accomplishments" that can match up to Shiina, while Kousei is already an accredited pianist. However, in Kousei's story, it is more about him being able to accept his position in life and being able to break out of the mental shell that was left   read more
report Recommended by ScruffyPillows
Both anime have similar comedy and drama. Both main male cast have goals with their live, but they don't know how to get to it. Until they meet the main female and they change their life. Two of the anime teaches you to accept live and live isn't fair. There are times when the characters feel down because of their past or their flaws. Both teaches good life lesson.
report Recommended by NipahAllDay
- Comedy and romance. - Protagonist in a constant struggle with himself. - Girl draws the attention of our main character , to possess a great talent in the arts (Shiina in the drawing, and Kaori in the music). - Protagonist will rely on this new girl and her friends in order to overcome their weaknesses.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both shows contain a main character who has a godly talent in an exspressive art but both are no longer using that talent to there full advantage. Also both shows contain great friendshpis and mature themes.
report Recommended by KingPin99
Amazing anime. Amazing art style as well as music used throughout entire anime, and Shigatsu is filled to the brim with drama and funny moments. It'll keep you watching to the end, just like Sakurasou did if you enjoyed Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.
report Recommended by Vescrow
The feelings here are intense! These two anime are about boys who are led and inspired by towheaded female leads, who desperately want to pursue their artistic dreams. If you're a bit like me, you'll feel envious of the characters for being so passionate but you won't be able to help but root them on. Sakurasou and Your Lie in April both contain times when the main character is nearing the end of his rope, matched with glimmers of hope. They also share subtle themes of romantic drama. Sakurasou and Your Lie in April are very absorptive, both in art style and plot, and while they'll   read more
report Recommended by myusikah
Both of these shows have -A blond girl with a talent, (Ex. Art, Violin) that the main character falls in love with -Dramatic with lots of scenes where crying is involved -Both are very funny in the earlier stages, to get you attached to the characters -And lastly, both have fantastic endings
report Recommended by thelectricow
The atmosphere in both of these animes is very similar. If you enjoyed the genre of slice of life in Shigatsu you'll like Sakura-sou.
report Recommended by VinceWang
This romantics comedys are the best I ever seen and I expect yuo to like as I liked. This have all a good romantic drama needs, funny moments, anti-climatic moments and a lot of the best from drama
report Recommended by lhenrique7071
You Lie in April and Sakurasou bring us a flavour of what it feels like to grow up into a career and the confusion that comes with deciding your own path. Both of them also representing how each’s choices might affect the relationship between the friends. Another aspect that should be mentioned is the similarities of romance: love triangles with a great deal of drama at the climax.
report Recommended by Gi_
These are slice of life that will make you cry for sure. The beauty of OST, characters, and the story are wonderfull. Please watch them (and they're short to watch so you have no excuse).
report Recommended by NemesysEX
An emotional anime that brings the heartbreaking struggles and failures of the characters and turns them into something beautiful. The characters in these shows are memorable and unique, while still maintaining some parallels between the shows. Sakurasou isn't quite as sad as Your Lie in April, but it's still a great show regarding emotional attachment. Shameless plug: Join the Sakura-sou Discord linked in the subreddit (r/sakurasou)
report Recommended by adverb9103