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Tamako Market
The main girl in Tamako Market is basically a blue-eyed Chitanda Eru. Their personalities are also very similar. Plot-wise these two animes don't have much in common, but none the less they're both quite fun!
report Recommended by Chitai
Both series are handled by the same production company - Kyoto Animation. As such, expect some of the artwork to be similar.

Both series' main female protagonist not only looks alike but also has similar personalities in terms of their enthusiasm and ability to help others in need. The other characters in the series also becomes good friends with her.

Both series features a sort of episodic sequence where every day presents a new challenge, idea, and way of living.

Also, both series are lighthearted with drama, comedy, and some fun moments thrown in.
report Recommended by Stark700
Moe shenanigans.

Main female leads of both series are too curious for their own goods.
report Recommended by Stellio
They are made by the same animation company so the art is VERY similar.
The characters in both animes are very cute and lovable.
Both have the same "slice of life/school life" atmosphere.
report Recommended by ImaCAThy