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in both stories NEET is trying to rehab. :)
report Recommended by KijoFaia
Both of these anime presents a life cycle of a NEET with a twist of romance comedy and splice of life. The difference is NHK ni Youkoso has a tiny bit of psychological and mature theme while ReLIFE is a lighter side anime which has a school setting but overall, they both have a story plot that talks about real life work/adult situations. These animes could be a great help in helping/preventing a NEET/shutins.
report Recommended by keyzc
Both animes in a really entertaining way feature how the main character changes from being a NEET... :)
report Recommended by AnjaChan
Both stories are about an adult NEET that tries to change. Though, the story is more heartwarming in ReLIFE than NHK ni Youkoso. NHK has more darker elements and feels to it. Both are great anime for those who like realistic and relatable anime.
report Recommended by modsoulz
Both of the series have neets / shut-ins that get help from someone and try to change themselves.
report Recommended by ginseng1111
Both have a hikomori as main character who tries to rehabilitate himself with the help of the people around him. NHK is darker and it contains alot of dark humour while ReLIFE it's kind've on the lighter side with humour and situations that are easier to digest.
report Recommended by Mannoh
Similar setup involving a grownup guy struggling in life and gets sucked into a mysterious program that aims to better his life.
report Recommended by PawnOfTheDead
First of all. The main characters in both of these shows are recognised as NEETs in one way or the other and they are given a chance in their lives to fix everything up. While NHK is more of a drama and sticks to reality, you may find a lot of similarities in ReLIFE which has this little mystery element to it. Anyways, if you enjoyed ReLife you will enjoy NHK.
report Recommended by MariusXK
It's hard to get back into things after being discouraged for so long. "Welcome to the N.H.K!" and "ReLIFE" feature a NEET protagonist who has hit rock bottom. When all hope may have seemed lost, one day, they are granted an opportunity to redo their life. The situations that happen in these anime are very relatable in terms of work and adulthood. While "ReLIFE" is a bit more cheerful and drama filled in its high school setting, the tone of "Welcome to the N.H.K", however, is darker with mature themes. For those looking for realistic and relatable life situations, these are great to check out.
report Recommended by OtakuJKP
Both anime revolve about a NEET main character that being supported by a complete stranger. While ReLIFE main character were supported by the government, NHK ni Youkuso! thinks that all around him was conspiracy by the government to make him NEET forever. Both great anime with tears and MANY laughter.
report Recommended by blazinskull
-Both center around the life of a NEET and how the protagonist slowly starts to rejoin society and overcoming his traumatizing experiences -Both have funny moments but also more meaningful moments -They receive help from friendly people The only thing is that NHK ni Youkoso! has a darker sense of humor
report Recommended by SithSlytherin
Welcome to the NHK is a masterpiece, in my humble opinion, as i watched Relife i couldnt help but thinking back to this show. The main protaganist in both shows has serious issues he needs to deal with. Both get an opportunity to redeem themselves. How the story unfolds to help these two is quite different however. Both have lots of good humor and some drama mixed in. though i believe Welcome to the NHK is more deep and original in its story, but it is also slower placed in parts.
report Recommended by tagert_gibbs
Unlike most anime both of these show a more realistic (and possibly relate-able) setting They are both about a shut in and also provide a similar feel. NHK ni Youkoso, also known as welcome to the nhk looks into the more darker side of life whereas Relife focuses more on the pro/cons of being a student.
report Recommended by Storm-Z1