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I found Soul Eater to have the same atmosphere as FMA. There are some episodes that are hilarious, and some that are just creepy. There's great character development in both of these along with epic fighting. The first few episodes are the intro, and then the story takes off afterwords. The art work is amazing (at least in HD) It's dark, comic, 3d, 2d in a 3d environment, and colorful. I'd say the main difference is that Soul Eater isn't as depressing. Both of them are great series to watch.
report Recommended by Manga_sama
Both animes contain a lot of action, comedy, and something that the characters strive for, which is unrevealed until later in the story. i love both of these animes. perfect for people who like action and adventure. also, both have protagonists about the same age, relatively young, as Edward in FMA starts as 12, then the story moves forward to when he's 15 and Alphonse is 14. They gradually age, making note several times in the anime and once in the movie. Unique to Soul Eater, however, is the almost comical reference to witches, etc. and the fact that the characters themselves become weapons (though   read more
report Recommended by animeaddict9696
An amazing anime, full of action! A perfect example of shounen, i recommend
report Recommended by Natyyds
Two of Square Enix's greatest shows and were also, along with Eureka 7, the first series to run for 51 episodes. They both create the perfect balance between a gripping storyline, epic fights and appropriately used light-hearted humour. Each shows a great amount of character depth and growth and they both use characters with their own personalised fighting styles (eg. different types of alchemy and different kinds of weapon partners). Also if you watch the dub you'll recognise a lot of Funimation's top voice actors in both. If you liked one of these I would highly recommend the other - they're both addictive!
report Recommended by risemboolranger
while watching these i noticed that if you remove all the humor in them, they become seriously f*cked up, evil and sadistic, but they're both great anime and and the humor in these two is hilarious! the characters are very unique and awesome and the plot is great, although i was kinda disappointed with the ending of soul eater.
report Recommended by Akira-Shimizu
-Very similar animation, since both are done by studio BONES. -FMA also uses the concept of "alchemists" as human weapons, except in Soul Eater, it's more literal. -Both have high quality dubs. -Very similar atmosphere. -Both stray away from the original source material to make a unique story with the manga's concepts. -Both have supernatural ideas. -Both have serious as well as humorous episodes. -Both are equally long(51 episodes)
report Recommended by LPGeneratorx
Both are fantastic shounen anime from Studio Bones that deal with darker themes than most in the demographic.
report Recommended by LoveLikeBlood
Both are fantasy anime which have a very large cast of characters. They both also run for the same amount of episodes (51). They both also have an ending that is only for the anime. The difference is Soul Eater has a comedic tone, while Fullmetal Alchemist has a dramatic tone.
report Recommended by AndieJ
Has a very similar idea, with a bunch of filler and a large cast but still keeping everything coherent Both are heavily reliant on their action and comedy. Both descend from "happiness" to madness. Both have minor psychological aspects, nearer the end
report Recommended by PatViBrittania
If you like Fullmetal Alchemist, DEFINITELY check out Soul Eater. It was made by the same studio, Bones, so the animation is gorgeous. At least I think so. (I might be kinda biased, Studio Bones is easily my favorite anime studio.) The stories are pretty different from eachother, but the characters in both series are incredibly likable, and both have really awesome fight scenes. They're also both way shorter than your average shounen anime, and they avoid a lot of the annoyingly overused tropes in the genre.
report Recommended by HammerMeister99
First versions of a shounen manga serialized in Shounen Gangan. Adapted by Bones with 51 episodes each. Both have original endings, but FMA was adapted again after the manga ended.
report Recommended by KitsuFrost
Very similar animation, since both are done by studio BONES. -FMA also uses the concept of "alchemists" as human weapons, except in Soul Eater, it's more literal. -Both have high quality dubs. -Very similar atmosphere.
report Recommended by Ridzaxster
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