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Both series are a "deconstruction" (that is a very overused term.) of teenage social relationships. ReLIFE explores them from the point of view of a grown up dude who is shrinked into the body of a teenager and has to attend highschool, while Kokoro Connect makes its own entire cast go over and analyze their friendships because of some mysterious spell, bringing empathy and hostility between the group flourish.
report Recommended by Haizel
Both are high school slice of life series involved romance and experiment elements. Both of the characters are mentally grown up after overcoming the issue of jealousy, romance, misunderstandings and envy.
report Recommended by ys19931006
Both are romcom-esk about highschool students in a school setting. They revolve around somewhat sci-fi-ish plot devices, although in varying degrees. Relife has the medicine to set up the whole story, while kokoro connect has multiple of these incidents to encourage character interaction. ReLIFE's characters are more obvious to read, and the character developments are all spelled out for you, while Kokoro Connect's are more subtle at times and may require some brains. Kokoro Connect has more teenage melodrama than ReLIFE, but ReLIFE brings up more philosophical themes. Overall, I recommend the manga for those who liked relife (start around chapter 109), and for those who liked Kokoro   read more
report Recommended by Yuki_Ookami
explore relationships between people, how they deal with certain problems, etc
report Recommended by drones12345
These shows are about similar tropes; ReLIFE is about becoming young again while kokoro connect is about a body switch. Both these tropes are really about living life in somebody else's shoes. Kokoro connect has a more satisfying ending, but if you enjoy these kinds of tropes then I would not skip ReLIFE.
report Recommended by okamikotori
Both use highschool as a vehicle for an exploration of philosophy, with the main characters being monitored so that they will learn important lessons from the challenges they face. Both series have a very similar feel to them.
report Recommended by Allarielle
Both series shows a group of highschoolers during their time in high school. Protagonists experience weird things happening to their bodies and it changes their point of view and brings them closer together.
report Recommended by Megroth
ReLIFE is a good anime for those who just watched Kokoro Connect, in both we are involved in the school age of the characters and we have counted peaks of the drama of the story.
report Recommended by Nownownownow
The plots aren’t completely different dealing with the mental workings of highschool students but both are completely different in how this is done. Connect uses the body swapping to under stand the personalities of the characters and help them over come past trauma whereas relife is a friend on the side trying to help his fellow peers. Both are comedic in execution and all characters are likeable in both. Personally I found myself relating Connect to Relife whilst watching the showing and drawing parallels between characters like Kariu and Iori.
report Recommended by DeitysDynasty
Both are psychological taking place in high school, and in both - a supernatural thing happens disrupting the daily lives of a selected few. Both stories' approach deals with the main characters' weak points while observing the effort they put to overcome their problems.
report Recommended by amex0
Both include some sort of unusual twist to the common high school setting. The relationships between characters evolve throughout both plots and there are similar emotions involved in one of the arcs of Kokoro connect to the general feel of ReLife.
report Recommended by kaloca
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