Kimi to Boku., Nijiiro Days Recommendations

Kimi to Boku.
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Kimi to Boku.
Nijiiro Days
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Nijiiro Days
They are both about daily school life of a group of boys. Both are comedy and slice-of-life.
report Recommended by SumireHime
Both revolve around a group of high school boys, their friendship, troubles with romance and daily adventures. If you enjoyed one you will likely enjoy the other as well!
report Recommended by tearbender
These two are slice-of-life shows that center around a day-in-the-life of a group of high school boys. Both shows focuses on the interaction between the boys in the group and on the romances that each of them are involved with. All of the characters of both shows fall under a character trope but they are still fun to watch.
report Recommended by ALLONA
Both are slice of life anime focusing on a group of male students with romance thrown into the mix (not between the guys mind you).
report Recommended by Lucky_Deity
Both are about highschool boys, their friendships, and their relationships
report Recommended by namejesus
1. Both of them about high school life 2. Both of the are high school boys with their daily live and their love story 3. Both of them are funny 4. Both of them are featured by hot, funny, clumsy, and cool guy. Watch it and love it. They are good show.
report Recommended by megumi211
Both animes are about the lives of high school boys which involves love, friendship, and learning about themselves. Both are comedic but Kimi to Boku is a bit more serious than Nijiiro Days.
report Recommended by emjayse
>Kimi to boku and Nijiiro Days are story about High School boys who are best friends... >filled with their love stories >pretty good OP song on both series
report Recommended by F-Tozen