Cowboy Bebop, Lupin III (2015) Recommendations

Cowboy Bebop
If you liked
Cowboy Bebop
Lupin III (2015)
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Lupin III (2015)
Gives you a real similar vibe, episodic & smooth adventure; for one in Italia, and the other in great Space.
report Recommended by IsItAragnor
- Cool main character that is very experienced and skilled.
- Jet Black has the same ethics as Jigen Daisuke
- Faye Valentine is a lot like Mine Fujiko
- The Anime have a similar structure
- Cowboy Bebop's animation style is a bit better than Lupin's but Lupin's is smoother because it's from 2015
- Both Anime use the same style of music
report Recommended by ZHQGB
Both have the same sense of fun an adventure!
report Recommended by Madmordo